Joining the Community for the Carolina Waves MKAL

Photo by Mourad Saadi on Unsplash

We wanted to welcome you guys officially welcome you guys to the Carolina Waves mystery knit along. We just started this week and people had been getting their “Clue Ones” and casting on and all of this kind of stuff and I wanted to connect with you guys to get you guys into our School of SweetGeorgia forums so that you guys can start having a conversation about what you’re making, share how your progress is going and ask each other if you guys have questions. Now this is the first time we’ve ever run a knit along through our School of SweetGeorgia. I wanted to take this opportunity to sort of do a little tour, show you the inside of the School of SweetGeorgia show you how to get set up so that you can participate and be part of it and not be confused about where things are or how to make a post or how to upload a photo or any of that kind of stuff.

Thank you guys so much for watching this. I will see you guys inside the discussion forum for the mystery knit along!

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