Mariana Frochtengarten

Mariana Frochtengarten

Mariana is a textile artist, art teacher, and Expressive Arts Therapist with over twenty years of experience in resist dyeing.

I am an Art teacher and the artist and owner of Flow Shibori, a textile art company specialized in Shibori fabric items for the body and the home. I have been working with textiles for almost 30 years and I am specifically fascinated by all forms of resist dyeing techniques. I believe in the innovative and timeless aspects of traditional techniques and I feel inspired by the juxtaposition between the two worlds of ancient cultures and contemporary art. I am inspired by the richness of simplicity; designs that result from consecutive layers of colours and the combination of geometrical forms. Throughout my career I have learned how to work in partnership with materials and I try to combine my initial plans with elements of chance and surprises that arise from the process. I look for the balance among controlling and letting go while creating. It is in this search for harmony between these two opposite forces that I create my work.

Teaching Area: Shibori Dyeing

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