Huck Lace Scarf Pattern

huck lace scarf

The pattern is  featured in the Weaving Lace on Multi-Shaft Looms course with Laura Fry.

The combination of huck lace and colour makes an eye-catching ‘sample’ with a colour gamp woven in huck lace at one end of the scarf and the remainder woven in plain weave. This project is an opportunity to practice the different types of beat required between the lace and plain weave areas and work at beating consistently in both.

Huck Lace Scarf by Laura Fry

Skill Level: Intermediate

Finished Measurements

  • Width: 10 1/4” / 26 cm
  • Length: 68″ / 172.7 cm


Warp & Weft: 5 cones Ashford 10/2 Mercerised Cotton (1854 yd / 1696 m per 7 oz / 200 g cone; 4215 ypp; 100% Cotton), 1 cone each in:

  • 939 yd / 859 m in Jet Set Black 811 (MC)
  • 78 yd / 72 m in Dazzling Blue 846 (CC1)
  • 155 yd / 142 m in Turquoise Green 866 (CC2)
  • 232 yd / 213 m in Tulip 872 (CC3)
  • 310 yd / 284 m in Radiant Orchid 856 (CC4)

Equipment & Tools

  •  4-shaft loom with a minimum 15″ / 38 cm weaving width
  • 12-dent reed (sleyed one per dent)
  • 1 shuttle and at least one bobbin, warping board, reed hook, heddle hook, tapestry needle, measuring tape


  •  Weave Structure: huck lace and plain weave
  • Warp Length: 3.5 yd / 3.2 m (includes 46″ / 116.8 cm for loom waste, fringe & take-up)
  • Warp Ends: 288
  • Ends Per Inch (EPI): 24
  • Picks Per Inch (PPI): 24
  • Width in Reed: 12″ / 30.5 cm
  • Woven Length: 80″ / 203.2 cm 

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