Learn How to Knit Your First Scarf (Part 2)

Garter stitch scarf knit in SweetGeorgia Yarn's Superwash Worsted in Beach House

We’re following up yesterday’s Learn How to Knit Your First Scarf with today’s Part 2 post. In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through the last bit of what we call “Finishing,” by showing you how to bind off (or end) your scarf and then weave in your ends. We’re almost there!

Don’t forget we have a detailed Learn How to Knit PDF booklet with even more photos and tips that you can request at the bottom of the page. For our video learners, we also have a tutorial available for free on YouTube HERE. And, if you’re so inclined and want a ready-to-go Learn to Knit kit with everything you need to get started learning and making your first scarf. You can find that over HERE.

Ready to wrap up your first scarf knitting journey?

Garter stitch scarf knit in SweetGeorgia Yarn's Superwash Worsted in Beach House

Instructions for Your First Scarf

Once you’ve worked through Steps 1-4, you’re ready to move on to Steps 5-6:

  • Step 5: Bind off all stitches.
  • Step 6: Soak your scarf in warm water for 10-15 minutes. Squeeze out all excess water (do not wring). Lay it flat to dry. When fully dry, weave in the ends.

How to Bind Off Your Stitches on Your First Scarf

Once you learn how to knit a stitch, you’re pretty much set up for the first half of the bind off process.

Learn how to knit and bind off stitches. Picture shows hands demonstrating how to bind off your knit stitches

  • Step 1: Knit the first 2 stitches of the next row [Fig. 1].
  • Step 2: Insert the tip of your left-hand needle into the first stitch on the right-hand needle [Fig. 2].
  • Step 3: Left that stitch up and over the first stitch [Fig. 3], continuing until you’ve dropped it completely off the right-hand needle [Fig. 4]. 1 stitch remains on the right-hand needle.
  • Step 4: Knit the next stitch on the left-hand needle.

Repeat Steps 2-4 until 1 stitch remains on the right-hand needle. Cut yarn, leaving at least a 6” / 15 cm tail to weave in. Draw the tail through the remaining stitch, removing the needle as you do so.

How to Weave in Ends on Your First Scarf

The final step for your scarf is tidying it up and getting it ready to wear. That means weaving in your ends or hiding those two tails of yarn.

Learn how to weave in ends for your first knit scarf

  • Step 1: Thread yarn tail onto a yarn or tapestry needle. If the tail is on the front of the work, find the nearest stitch and trace it through to push the tail to the back side for weaving.
  • Step 2: Insert your tapestry needle into the 2 nearest frown-like stitches across 2 rows [Fig. 5]. Pull the yarn gently through [Fig. 6].
  • Step 3: Next to where you came out, follow the smiley-like stitch to the next frown-like stitch. Insert your needle through it [Fig. 7]. Pull the yarn gently through. You should notice that the tail traces over the stitches, camouflaging itself [Fig. 8].

Repeat Steps 2-3 approx. 4-5 more times. Then, trace your tail backward for a stitch or two before trimming the end [Fig. 9].

And that, my friends, is everything you need to know to learn how to knit your first scarf! It’s not easy to learn a new skill, but the reward at the end of effort makes it all worth it. You might get frustrated, irritated, or feel like a failure. It’s natural and part of this whole learning process. Don’t give up! Keep practicing! The journey is only just beginning. Thank you for letting me walk with you in your first stage.

Garter stitch scarf knit in SweetGeorgia Yarn's Superwash Worsted in Beach House
Garter stitch scarf knit in SweetGeorgia Yarn’s Superwash Worsted in Beach House

If you find you’d like a little company on your knitting and crafting journey, consider joining us in the School of SweetGeorgia. We’ve got loads of tutorials and courses to take your skills to the next level, great company in the Community Forums to ask questions, troubleshoot, and bounce ideas around, and, if you need a little more enabling, lots of other fibre arts lessons to lull you into sheer crafting bliss.

Be sure to share your experience with us on social media by tagging us #sweetgeorgiayarns. When you learn to knit your first scarf, you’re going to know so much delight and I can’t wait to hear about it. Happy practicing!

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