How to Crossed Stitch

Lana cowl crochet Lee crossed stitch

How to crossed stitch?

You need to alternate the orders of your stitches. So I’m going to work on the next four stitches and I want to cross stitches at the centre. If I were to crochet as normal, I would work my stitch one, two, three, four. But I want to make a cross in the centre, so I will do one, three, two and four. So my beginning and my end, I do not need them crossed, so they stay the same. But the two stitches in the centre, I want them to alternate order.

So I do a double crochet. I ignore the second one and I work directly to my third stitch or double crochet. And now I want to go back and work my second stitch, and this is where the cross happened. So for a double crochet cross, you do a yarn over as regularly you would do a double crochet, and you insert it into the second stitch. So usually when we do crocheting, we go right to left.

We don’t usually crochet backwards, but because I’m doing crossed stitch, I’m alternating orders of these two stitches. So I’m going to work backward to the second stitch. And my yarn is wrapping in the front because I do a yarn over. Since it’s a double crochet, I have the yarn over before I insert a hook into a stitch. And then I insert my hook into the stitch. The fourth stitch is crocheted as usual. So this is how you do a one-on-one cross with double crochet.

And you can do the same crossing with half double, triple single crochet and any stitch. They basically wrap around each other. You just do the stitch regularly, but when you are going backward, the yarn will naturally wrap around the other stitch that you have made already.

In this Tiny Tutorial, Charlotte Lee is going to show you how to crochet 1×1 and 2×2 Crossed Stitch.

  • What is a Crossed Stitch? 00:00-01:07
  • One by One on Double Crochet 01:07-03:58
  • Two by Two on Double Crochet 03:58-7:34
  • Three and Three Cross Explanation 07:34-end

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