How to Crochet the Puff Stitch

vivi crochet shawl charlotte lee puff stitch

How to crochet the puff stitch? The puff stitch is a cluster of stitches. It gives you a stitch that is wide and fat. The most common kind of cluster puff stitches are: three cluster puff, four cluster puff and five cluster puff.

The more stitches you add to the cluster, the harder it is to make that stitch. And also the wider, the fatter that stitch is going to be. Puff stitch makes a three-dimensional stitch, so it makes a big round shape on your pattern.

If the pattern tells me to do a three cluster puff, you were going to do yarn over, insert your hook in, yarn over and take it out. And you want to take it up as the same height as your single crochet. So I have my single crochet over here. So I want to raise up to the same height as my single, if you have double crochet, which is a little bit taller, then you want to raise the height to as high as a double crochet. So you want to raise it up a little bit higher like this. So this is one cluster we’ll need to do three cluster here.

So we need to do two more time of the same thing. So do a yarn over, insert your hook, yarn over and bring it out and have your hand, have your yarn really loose. Don’t tight it up and raise it up. So when my right hand with my hook, I actually move upward away from my work so I can have a long loop. And now I have four loops. So one cluster will be equal to two loops.

My second cluster is another two loop and the first loop is my active stitch at the very beginning. So when you’re doing a puff stitch, you want to make sure your tension is loose. You want to do a nice and lose yarn over because when you tighten up your yarn and you see that it tightened up all the previous clusters I have done.

For the third cluster yarn over, you want it to be loose, insert it through the same stitch, yarn over, you see my second yarn over actually do it from back to front because in this angle is a little bit difficult to do front to back. So I do it back to front and I pull it through and I gently tuck it. I pull down my work and then my right hand with the hook is going opposite directions.

And now I, I should have six reps on my hook, plus the initial active stitch. So that actually seven reps. To finish off your puff stitch, you do one last yarn over, and you thread it through the cluster you made. So that six of them and you come out before the last one.

So now I have two loops and you can cancel this two loops with another yarn over. And this is one puff stitch, the three cluster puff.

In this Tutorial, Charlotte Lee is going to show you how to crochet 3, 4 & 5 cluster puff stitch.

  • 3 Cluster Puff Stitch 01:13-05:24
  • 4 Cluster Puff Stitch 05:24-07:43
  • 5 Cluster Puff Stitch 07:43-end

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vivi crochet shawl charlotte lee puff stitch
vivi crochet shawl charlotte lee puff stitch

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