Essential Weaving Tools & Equipment

Rigid Heddle weaving study group with Amanda Wood

Weaving shuttles and tools

Essential Weaving Tools & Equipment. All weaving is just a little bit different but the essentials are always there. A loom, warping equipment, and weaving tools. Having all the weaving essentials can make a more enjoyable weaving experience. Let us help you to get started.

This is a general list of equipment, tools and accessories that are used in most courses at the School of SweetGeorgia. We advise looking at each course’s individual materials list found in the material tab before beginning any project or homework.


*If you don’t own a loom and are curious as to what loom to start with, we have an article here to help you! 


Multi-Shaft Warping

  • Warping Board or mill
  • Raddle if not built into the loom
  • Clamps *for attaching Raddle if no spot is available on the loom

Rigid Heddle Warping

  • Warping Peg & Clamp for the direct warping method
  • Warping Board for the indirect warping method
  • 2 Lease sticks (or 2 long sticks) indirect warping method
  • Extra bar for back beam if removal on the loom isn’t possible
  • Clamps  *To hold rigid heddle loom to table

Additional Supplies

This is just a small list of Essential Weaving Tools & Equipment that we think you will need for the projects in the school. As always, we encourage you to come to the forums and discuss any of the tools mentioned and alternatives you may use as well.

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