Essential Spinning & Fibre Prep Tools

Handpainted variegated spinning fibres at SweetGeorgia Yarns

Handpainted variegated spinning fibres at SweetGeorgia Yarns

We can make yarn with a stick and some wool. Pretty incredible, really! Then some people made a wheel. And we saw more balanced and sophisticated sticks called spindles. Suddenly electric machines were made, also known as e-Spinners. And chances are that you’ve got one of those three tools yourself. But what else could help you make really great yarn? That question is why we made this Essential Spinning & Fibre Prep Tools list for you.

This is a general list of equipment, tools, and accessories used in most of the courses at the School of SweetGeorgia. Please take a look at the course materials list as each course is unique with its requirements.

Preparation Equipment 

Useful Spinning Tools

Extras to Finish Yarn Easily

We also offer an excellent course, Tuning Up Your Wheel with Katrina and Eric Steward, for wheel maintenance. In our Spinning with e-Spinners course with Debbie Held, we have lesson 4.1 Plying, Safety & Care for e-Spinner maintenance, too.

Again, these are just a few items you will see come up through many, but not all, of the courses here. What you may think of as Essential Spinning & Fibre Prep Tools may not be to the next person. Some of the teachers will even explain how to DYI some of these items. If there are items you find useful that are not listed, or things you have hacked yourself, please share them in the community forums. We love to share the projects we make and the tools that got us there.

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