Epic Cloth Challenge

Handwoven baby wrap in-progress

Welcome! The Epic Cloth Challenge is a very personal challenge that I am going to undertake for myself this year that I warmly invite you to join me on.

It’s inspired by the “Slow Cloth October” or “Slow Fashion October” that happens every October. Every time October rolls around and people are talking about the things that they made which constitute Slow Cloth, I wish I had something to show, since slow cloth is exactly what we are doing here… dyeing fibre, spinning the yarn, knitting or weaving the fabric, all in order to make the final piece. The trouble is that doing all those steps takes significant time. It takes more time than there is in October. So I started to think about how I could start earlier in the year to make something that I could reflect on in October. The goal would not just be the finished object, but also learning that would happen along the way to that finished project.

Now how early do I want to start? Well, right now in January should give us enough time to something epic. It seems like a long time, but hear me out… as makers and creative people, we have lots of big ideas bumping around in our brains. Without applying focus, discipline, and practice to those big ideas, they may never be realized. I know it’s easier for me to spend my precious time knitting up small projects here and there — the low-hanging fruit — rather than tackling the big, scary, seemingly impossible dream project in my head.

So this Epic Cloth Challenge is really just about identifying your big learning or making goal, understanding why it’s meaningful to you and why you should devote time and energy to it, declaring your intention, and then doing it. Don’t worry, you won’t be alone. I’ll be doing it together with you. And I look forward to celebrating each win and milestone with you along the way.

If you are interested in joining us on this challenge, simply go to the “Download Workbook” page to download a PDF workbook with all the steps, templates, and prompts to get you started. In the January Crafternoon Live, I walk through the entire workbook step-by-step and help answer any questions you might have about the process.

If you’re not already a member of the School of SweetGeorgia, you can join here for free or you can also sign up for an annual subscription to get all the courses and all the content. Share your progress with us on Instagram at #sweetgeorgiaepiccloth and also on the community forums here. I’ll be posting my own progress via videos and forums posts throughout the year as well.

Let this year be the year that you finally make that epic thing you’ve been wanting to make.

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