Through dyeing our own colours on yarn, fibre, or fabric, we create the materials that we work with in all our other fibre arts and crafts. If you are interested in learning acid dyeing, please start with Dyeing Intentional Colour and then go onto Dyeing Complex Colour. If you want to learn how to dye cotton and cellulose fibres, please start with Fundamentals of Fibre Reactive Dyes and then take a look at Shibori Dyeing for more techniques. And if you want to learn natural dyeing, begin with Natural Dyeing Basics.

Dyeing Complex Colour

dyeing courses

Begin your dyeing journey by learning about acid dyeing, fibre reactive dyeing, and natural dyeing techniques.

Indigo Dyeing

study groups

Take action and dye your first yarns with our Acid Dyeing and Natural Dyeing study groups.

Plan Your Make Nine


Join the conversation and ask your dyeing questions here in the Dyeing forums.



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