Yarnography: Photographing Textiles
learn to capture and showcase your work in beautiful photographs
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This workshop is focused very simply on helping you take better photographs of your textiles. If you have ever needed to take a photo of your yarn, your spinning fibre, your skein of handspun, or a sweater that you knit... I’m hoping that the tips we’ll cover in these lessons will help you improve your skills with photography, and specifically with the challenges of taking photos of yarn and things made from yarn.

In these lessons, I just want to talk about the improving your own photos by helping you:

  • clarify your objectives around taking photos,
  • gaining a bit of technical photography knowledge, and
  • gaining a bit of design knowledge.

By the end of this workshop, I want you to be taking photographs of your yarn and textiles that are more accurate colour-wise, more effective composition-wise, and that will serve your purposes — as archival reference or as personal or profession promotion.

Photography is archival as well as artistic. It allows you to capture what you see as well as how you feel. And I’m excited to share this love with you guys and hope that it might help you improve your photography as well.

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