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2.2 Weaving the Twill Gamp

Felicia Lo November 2, 2021

In this lesson, 2.2 Weaving the Twill Gamp, Felicia will show you how to weave the twill gamp.

Starting at the begin, we will weave tromp as writ. Next, Felicia has chosen 4 more treadling sequences that will produce different pattern effects. After that, well, that is up to you. You can either continue to play with different treadling patterns or like Felicia, change up the weft yarn. Sampling can be so rewarding so take the time to explore any ideas you had while weaving the gamp.

Remember to download the Twill Gamp pattern PDF and Weaving Twills on 4-Shafts workbook PDF and share your gamp in our community forums. Fellow members are always curious to see what other people are using. You can also show off your projects on Instagram with the hashtag #schoolofsweetgeorgia and #sosweaving .


  • Tromp as writ (1-4):
    • 1st: Weaving straight draw 00:00
    • 2nd: Point draw 03:33
    • 3rd: Broken twill 05:10
    • 4th: Rosepath treadling 07:15
  • Two different drafts 09:52
    • 5th pattern 11:34
    • 6th pattern 15:22
    • 7th pattern 21:34
    • 8th pattern 23:46
  • Hemstitching 26:46
  • Experimenting with different weft yarns 27:13

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Download the transcript for this lesson here »

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