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2.2 Project One: Twill Gamp

Felicia Lo November 2, 2021

For the twill gamp, we are going to create a cloth with a matrix of variations — four different threading variations and eight different treadling sequences. For the first four, they are tromp as writ, meaning they are treadled as they have been threaded. And then for the second set of four, they are your choice!

In this lesson we’ll discuss yarn, sett choices & calculations. We’ll also go through dressing the loom for the gamp so it’s ready for weaving as well as showing you threading and treadling errors.

  • Project Goal 00:00-01:39
  • Yarn Choices, Sett Choices & Calculations 01:39-08:40
  • Winding the Warp & Dressing the Loom 08:40-23:19
  • Dress the loom back-to-front 23:19-30:45
  • Sleying the reed 30:45-33:43
  • Threading the heddles 33:43-34:12
  • Threading and treadling errors 34:12-end

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