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Managing Money

Felicia Lo September 17, 2020

One of the top three challenges I hear about from fellow fibre artists is how fibre equipment, tools, and materials are so expensive. This is perfectly understandable because as creative people and fibre people, we appreciate aesthetics and fine materials. We can admire and appreciate a spinning wheel or spindle that is carved from solid exotic hardwood and how beautiful that is. I think we are the kind of people who gravitate to natural and luxury textiles and can differentiate between what Falkland wool feels like vs what Polwarth wool feels like. We are the kind of people who enjoy working with the texture and feel of fibres like silk and cashmere. Like a good bottle of wine, these are literally the finer things in life.

But somehow, because these materials and tools are in the “hobby and craft” realm, they are devalued. Somehow, we believe that a ball of extra fine Italian merino knitting yarn shouldn’t cost as much a bottle of fine Italian wine.

So if we can agree that beautiful, natural, and hand-made materials and tools ARE expensive, how can we resolve this feeling that we can’t afford all the things?

Let’s break down some of our strategies for managing our budgets for our materials and tools.


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