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There is a unique challenge that affects people who love more than one craft. We want to make all the things, but there is only so much time, money, space, and resources to spread around.

Felicia Lo · September 18, 2020

In the past year, I’ve been asking people about what they struggle with most in the fibre arts, and if you knit, spin, weave, or dye, or enjoy any combination of more than one craft, this will resonate with you. There is a unique challenge that affects people who love more than one craft. We want to make all the things, but there is only so much time, money, space, and resources to spread around. And so we get caught up, feeling overwhelmed and spread thin all the time, while simultaneously also feeling like we’re not getting anything done.

Does this sound familiar? It’s exhausting, and I know there is surely a different way of approaching our creative work in a way that feels more fulfilled, more satisfying, more rich and enjoyable.

In these lessons, I would like to lay out some strategies that I use to look at my time, money, space, energy, and focus, and how I can best distribute those resources amongst my goals to help me reach the deep satisfaction that crafting can bring.

Some of these strategies are simply tactical and other strategies are more like ways of thinking or managing your mental load. Creative work involves your mind as well as your heart, and so how we feel about things is extremely important. It’s not just about getting the garment made or the cloth woven or the shawl knitted… it’s more than simply reaching the destination in the most efficient way possible. It’s very much about savouring the entire process, feeling competent and confident, and then feeling joyful and pleased with the results. I hope you’ll find something in these pages that will help you achieve your crafty goals.

For any questions and to share your making adventures, come visit us in the learning plans in the SOS community forums! Plus, tag us on Instagram with #schoolofsweetgeorgia!

For the longest time, I felt intimidated by the idea of learning to spin silk yarns. It felt like the epitome of luxury fibres for me. At a KnitCity festival, looking at the Sanjo silk studio booth, I became mesmerised by the shine and character of the silk yarns. As a then-beginner spinner, I got myself a few packs of silk and wool-silk spinning fibres which I promptly sampled going home. After looking at my plyback samples, I stashed those fibres for the longest time, for whenever I would be good enough to spin them.⁠

Continue reading Greta`s @gretacornejomakes new Learning to Spin Silk Yarns article at the School where she encourages you to source some luxury fibres (@sweetgeorgia has lovely kits) and add them to your spinning stash. Or unearth that luxury fibre you got a few seasons ago and play. Even five grams can ignite a lot of fun and creativity to your craft.⁠

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My favorite moment. When all the warping is done and a day of weaving lies ahead.
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One of the best things I have learned from Laura Fry’s Intentional Weaver course (and book) is using a reed to feed my yarn through before making my warp.

Game changer. Love it!

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Do you find yourself daydreaming of a home or wardrobe featuring your very own handwoven fabrics? How would you go about choosing fabric for your cushion or your chair or your skirt, let alone design that fabric yourself? If form follows function, then let’s start to read our fabrics and understand how different weave structures give us the characteristics we want.⁠

Read Amanda Buckley`s @mandythephilomath new article Three Fundamental Weave Structures (And Why You Need to Know Them), sharing how once you start to see the underlying structures of the fabrics around you, the weaving world is your oyster! Find the post at our SOS Articles–direct link in our IG bio »⁠

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In a few short years, the development of e-spinners for every budget and every level of experience has made the electric spinner go from purely aspirational to totally attainable. Have you ever wondered if spinning with e-spinners might expand your spinning practice? Have you considered getting an e-spinner, and if so, which model is right for you? ⁠

Over at the new Spinning with e-Spinners course, instructor Debbie Held @doodler01 will answer these questions and more as she teaches how to use this unique spinning tool! Learn just how versatile they are with loads of tips and tricks to help you improve your skills. And then at the SOS Community Forums, you can share your project pictures, ask questions, and join in the spinning chat.⁠

Find the Spinning with e-Spinners course page at our link in bio!⁠

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