Welcome to Week 3!

It is time to bring all the techniques into one project.

We will use all the techniques plus pick & pick and solid horizontal lines. This looks more complicated than it is.    

82214SG Tapestry Array Wine Tasting Bring it all together Janna Vallee Week 3 Everlea
Week 3: Tapestry coasters done with Array wool in the Wine Tasting set, bringing it all together. Coaster done in the Everlea Mini Loom.

Step 1- Review this week’s content:

NameTime of video/ Reading time (minutes)Week 3: All Together
Weaving Horizontal Stripes11.7Project 5
Weaving Vertical Stripes17Project 5
Pick and Pick12Project 5
Stripes in Tapestry Workbook to Weave Pick n’ PickWorkbook
time (min)40.7

Download your workbook if you haven’t done so.

This week you will find three videos and a workbook for the techniques on your coaster(s).

From Vikki:

How much fun to get to this point!! All these little techniques can now make something this cool!

For this, we will follow along with Janna in her Techniques in Tapestry class.

Video 2.0- Weaving Horizontal Stripes. This is similar to week one’s class but she shows us how to make solid stripes!!! 

Then we move to video 3.0.- Vertical stripes. Here we are taking our blending from week one and adding shapes (square) in week 2 PLUS Janna teaches some tricks to make this very intuitive. 

Almost done, we are doing Pick and Pick. This is found in the “roof”. This is easier than it looks. The “learning” will be on how to decrease in Pick in Pick which Janna walks us through in video 4.0- Pick and Pick.

Do some weaving to finish off the top how you like and if you need a visual guide at any time, don’t forget about your Workbook in the Tapestry Stripes Zoom class 

Step 2- Project Planning: 

Follow along with the videos while you weave your coaster! 

Step 3- Share in the Forums

Do share with us how your coasters’ progress is going along in the forums

Find the recording for the Tapestry Progress Meet up now.