Welcome to the Tapestry Study Group! We want to encourage and support you to start or finesse your tapestry weaving journey. We will be weaving along working on sets of coasters/ bookmarks. This way you will be able to try all the fundamental techniques with a small materials investment!

Tapestry Weaving can be one of the most affordable ways to try weaving for the first time and we have so many excellent resources in SOS. Find them below to get ready for the study group!

Tapestry Weaving Study GroupTime of video/ Reading time (minutes)Get Ready, Get Set
What is Tapestry8Article
Tapestry Looms article8Article
Terms & Looms for Tapestry Weaving12.5Video
How Set Affects your Finished Tapestry8Article
How to warp a Pipe Loom5Video
Organizing Weft for Weaving3.5Video
Tapestry Coaster Bundlelink to buy kit
Tapestry Coaster Yarn Setslink to buy yarn sets
Total time (min)37

How to choose a Tapestry Loom for the Study Group?

There are so many viable options, choosing a loom can be overwhelming.

Making a PVC loom is very cheap and a great gateway into weaving. 

Read Janna‚Äôs advice on looms here>> 

Janna will explain the pros and cons to each loom in this video as well and talk about the terms/ lingo you will need here>> 

If you are just getting started, we put together a Tapestry Coaster bundle, you can pick and choose what you need and work through the Study group. If you want to work with the yarn, you can find the Array Yarn Sets here>> 

If you decide to make a tapestry loom from PVC, at the 9:06 min mark in Terms & Looms for Tapestry Weaving video will show you how to make one. 

We cannot wait to see what you choose to do! Please do share with us in the Tapestry Group forum.