Spinning with Suspended Spindles

If you've ever wanted to venture into the world of spinning, using suspended spindles is a great way to start. All you need is a spindle and some fibre to start creating beautiful handspun yarn to knit and weave with.

Diana Twiss · November 21, 2019

Welcome to Spinning with Suspended Spindles!

If you’ve ever wanted to venture into the world of spinning, using suspended spindles is a great way to start. All you need is a spindle and some fibre to start creating beautiful handspun yarn to knit and weave with.

Our instructor for this workshop is Diana Twiss — a passionate fibre artist who has been spinning for 20 years. She loves the art of hand spinning due to it’s portability and the beautiful conditioned yarn it produces. Please join Diana as she teaches you the basics of spinning with a suspended spindle!

All of the chat and progress will be shared over at the forum, with social media posts shared using the tags: #sosspinning and #schoolofsweetgeorgia


You want to know one of the hardest parts of being a dyer…? The names!!! 🤣🙈😅⁣

It might just be me, but I am the worst at coming up with names. I've been staring at this color on my wheel for almost two weeks and I have been trying to come up with a name but I've got squat. Seriously, I've got nothing.⁣

So, if you happen to have any good names for this colorway… I would be incredibly grateful if you could drop them below! 😊

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I finished my first handspun socks! ⁣

Okay, so a lot of you have been asking for a fiber update and I am going to go ahead and set a date. I have a bunch of fiber already dyed but just need to get it photographed and listed on my website. I was going to be ambitious and shoot for June 24th so it would be the week before Tour De Fleece starts, but life has been hectic and I told myself I deserve a break (I was shocked I was actually able to convince myself… 🤣). ⁣

Therefore, I will be having a fiber update on July 1st 19:00 CEST! This update will include Merino Sock, Corriedale, and BFL. I will have other fibers in the future (I already have kilos of other breeds purchased… 🙈) but these are the ones I've been able to test myself so far!⁣

So, who's ready to get spinning? 🚴‍♀️🧶

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Extending on what we learned in Diana Twiss @dianatwiss's first Colour & Play course, learn strategies for larger fibre prep quantities in the drum carder and on the blending board in Colour & Fibre Play II! Learn how to prep your different fibres before blending them, how thin to add your fibre layers, how much to add to your equipment and much more at the course page – link in bio!

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Are you a new or newer spinner looking for just the right spinning fibre to help you on your hand spinning journey? ⁠

Don't miss reading Debbie Held @doodler01's Best Wool for New Spinners post where she talks about the traits to look for that can make spinning with certain wool breeds and preparations easier for those who are learning. It's also important to try as many varieties as you can get your hands on – this excitement keeps you coming back to the wheel, and that is how we learn to spin!⁠

Read the post at the SOS site – link in bio »

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In the new SOS Colour & Fibre Play II workshop taught by Diana Twiss @dianatwiss, we further explore some of the themes taught in her first Colour & Fibre Play workshop, where we looked at textured and heathered yarns. In that workshop we focused on the tools; blending tools like hand carders, drum carders, hackles, and the blending board. In this workshop, we take it one step further and we look at what we learned from that – how to make more of those beautiful small batch yarns!⁠

How can we make more of these yarns – how do we maintain those pops and rivers of colour, and maintain that consistency over a huge project?⁠

Learn more at the Colour & Fibre Play II course with Diana, where she talks about scaling up and scaling out. Find all the info at the course page »

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To all the spinners out there, what resources did use to help learn to spin? ⁣

I have clearly fallen down the rabbit hole and I want to soak in all the information. I've Googled and YouTubed as much as I could and have also been binge watching spinning courses from schoolofsweetgeorgia , but I know there is still so much to learn!⁣

I have a tendency to throw myself 115% into anything new I try because I love to learn and I guess the same has happened here. So, any tips you can give me on how I can gain more knowledge are very appreciated! 😊

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NEW at the SCHOOL // Following the first Colour & Fibre Play course over at the schoolofsweetgeorgia, we're excited to continue the wonderful spinning journey further at the new Colour & Fibre Play II, taught by Diana Twiss dianatwiss!⁠

As fibre artists, we are often faced with the challenge of successfully repeating something – and this challenge is even steeper when you are blending fibres and colours to make a unique yarn. In this fabulous online spinning course, Diana guides you through techniques to scale up from 30 grams of a unique fibre blend to 500 grams or more. In addition to making larger amounts, learn spinning and plying techniques to illustrate the variety of yarns you can get from the same blend (whether done on a drum carder, blending board, or even hand carders).⁠

Learn more at the course page – link in bio »⁠

If you're not yet an SOS Member, we invite you to come and see what the School is all about! Using the code: SPRINGSTART you can get 7 days for $1 and then 10% off your SOS membership. We can't wait to see you there!

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