Spinning with Supported Spindles

Join spinning instructor, Debbie Held, and learn to spin with supported spindles. Discover a way of spinning yarn that is portable and spinner-friendly.


The supported spindle has a unique beauty to it, imparted not only in the finished yarn itself but also found in the fluid, meditative movements of spinning that yarn.

In this workshop, join Debbie Held as she takes you through each step of her own supported spindling process, demystifying these spindles and demonstrating how you too can spin your most beautiful yarns yet — even when you’re on the go!

Note: this workshop was delivered as a live workshop session via Zoom. We will be filming more content to supplement Debbie’s teaching to show close-ups of the technique.

About Instructor

Debbie Held

Debbie Held is a freelance writer and international fiber arts educator who almost always has a spindle in hand. She’s a recurring contributor to Spin Off magazine, PLY, Schacht Spindle Company, and more, and she’s the writer behind the Interweave column, Her Handspun Habit. A truly contented spinster, Debbie lives on an urban farm in Atlanta, Georgia, with an enormous Persian cat named Stanley. Both enjoy watching the spinner’s flock of Shetland sheep living in the yard below their windows. Write to them (all) at www.debbieheld.com.

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