Spinning up a Level

In this series, we are going to be exploring how you can go from a beginner spinner to a spinner that can plan the exact yarn they want to spin for a specific project, be it socks, a sweater, or a shawl.

Katrina Stewart · October 28, 2020
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Welcome to Spinning up a Level with Katrina Stewart!

In this series, Spinning up a Level taught by Katrina Stewart of Crafty Jaks Boutique, we are going to be exploring how you can go from a beginner spinner to a spinner that can plan the exact yarn you want to spin for a specific project.

Throughout the videos, you’ll learn:

  • Fibre prep 
  • Drafting methods
  • Types of fibre
  • Spinning twist and angle
  • Multiple plying techniques 
  • Consistency
  • Textured yarns
  • Colour in Spinning 
  • Project planning and more! 

This course also includes a comprehensive workbook and spinning exercises so you can try the demonstrated techniques for yourself and see which methods suit you and your spinning style.

Talk about the Spinning Up a Level course with members of the School of SweetGeorgia. Post project pictures, share personal reflections, and join the conversations in our Community Forums!

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Embracing imperfection(in other words, trying really hard not to be grumpy about your inconsistent yarn🫠).
This is my first spin in my life and actually I enjoyed it immensely. I couldn’t stop for 4 hours.
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I spun some alpaca fiber into yarn 😍 so pretty! Next step – 2 ply it and then tackle warping (threading all the yarn through) my loom. ashford_wheels_looms glimakra.of.sweden #sosspinning #espinner3

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I purchased a handmade suspended spindle for the first time in my life! Handmade wooden crafts make my heart sing.

#suspendedspindle #ドロップスピンドル #sosspinning #schoolofsweetgeorgia

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If you’re wondering how textured yarns differ from art yarns… they don’t. All art yarns are stable, usable yarns that can add texture, however bold or subtle, to the cloth in which they’re used.

Over at the upcoming Spinning Textured Yarns, instructor Debbie Held @doodler01 will teach SOS spinners about spinning a variety of art yarn styles and have you coming away from the course with a new appreciation for these classic, textured yarns and their infinite potential. The yarns in this course are truly timeless and they’re presented in a skill-building, logical order that’s meant to inspire you in your own application. Visit the course page now to find the materials list to get your supplies ready for the lesson launch on June 7th!

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April has been BUSY and I noticed that my monthly FOs tend to reflect how busy my work schedule is. My #freshstartheadband is my only FO for this month so far and it makes sense, but it`s funny how spot on it is! 🙈 Do you notice this with your knits also?⁣

After finally finishing the Warm Neutrals pre-order I had a lot of other deadlines to meet. Finalising my advent colorways was a huge goal for me this month (which I finished! 🎉) along with some wholesale orders and getting the Wanderlust 2022 Favorites together (which are coming in May!). On top of that, my parents are visiting, there is school vacation, and we are taking a small trip to London. Luckily, I think I`ll redeem some knitting time while my parents are here and while we are on vacation, so it should balance a bit in the end! 😊⁣

Pattern: #freshstartheadband by whileberry.creative
Yarn: malabrigoyarn Washted in Piedras⁣

Pattern: #handspunboomerangshawl by grittyknits
Fiber: malabrigoyarn Nube

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*We recommended printing the Exercise Worksheets on card stock for hanging your samples.


  • Spinning wheel, e-Spinner or spindle

*Please follow this link for Essential Spinning & Fibre Prep Tools needed


  • Fibre of choice to sample: working through all the worksheet exercises, with each exercise being around 2 grams of fibre, you will need a minimum of 100 grams to complete the worksheets plus more for project sampling. We recommend getting more than the minimum so that if one exercise is accidentally more than 2 grams, you do not run out of fibre to complete the course.

*Remember your 15% off discount as an SOS member for SweetGeorgia Yarns fibre and yarn!

Additional Supplies Shown/Demonstrated 

Do you have questions about Spinning Up a Level Materials? Talk about it with members of the School of SweetGeorgia. Post project pictures, share personal reflections, and join the conversations in our Community Forums!


About Instructor

Katrina Stewart

Katrina, a professional photographer by trade, has had an obsession with fibre all her life. She learned to knit and crochet as a child, but her passion was truly ignited when she learned to spin in 2014. She loves the thought that every individual who looks at a braid of fibre or runs their fingers over a skein of yarn will create their own unique functional piece of art. Something to be enjoyed for years to come.

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