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Week 1: Scour a Small Wool Amount & Sample

Greta Cornejo October 6, 2022

 Find below a table with this week’s guidance videos with Kim McKenna, from how to scour a small wool amount & sample both the fibre preparation and spinning.

Spinning Study Group:
Working from Fleece
Time of video + reading time (minutes)Week 1: Scour Lock + Sample Batch
4.0 Scouring Methods50Watch 32:23- 35:37, then watch full video
1.2 Fibre Prep with Combs27(Optional) Watch the video if you have access to combs
1.3 Fibre Prep with Hand Cards + Blending Boards33(Optional) Watch the video if you have access to hand cards or blending boards
1.0 Rejuvenate Commercial Fibre Prep28(Optional) Watch the video if you are working from commercial roving/top
How to prepare and attenuate fibre by hand3(Optional) Watch the video if you are working from commercial roving/top only with your hands
Controlled Released Sample2Watch the video to learn how to make a controlled released sample
5.0 Project Planning & Inspiration6Watch 12:30-end
0.1 Class ResourcesWorkbook: review pages 25-30
Total time (min)149

Step 1:

Watch the videos & download the materials on the spreadsheet.

Step 2:

  1. Scour a lock and once dry, sample it! Use a flicker or a dog brush to open it up. Spin it on your wheel or on a spindle.  Are you happy with how is the fibre drafting? Decide if you want to use the same temperatures you did for the lock for your 20 g / 0.7 oz sample
  2. Scour 20g / 0.7 oz. Once dry, sample a bit with your chosen fibre prep. Adjust if needed for your next batch.
  3. If you are starting from scoured wool, join us here. If you have your own fibre prep tools, watch the section for the tools you have access to: 1.2 Fibre Prep with Combs or 1.3 Fibre Prep with Hand Cards + Blending Boards. Many of the techniques shown may also be used with hand-dyed fibre.  Prep a 10-20 g / <1 oz sample.
  4. If you are working with a bare wool top, watch 1.0 Rejuvenate Commercial Fibre Prep, and prepare a small 5 g / 0.15 oz wool top sample to sample if you want to try out if it makes your wool easier to spin. If not, go to number 5.
  5. If you are working with commercial wool top or roving, watch 2.3 How to prepare fibre without a blending board + Attenuating fibre (minutes 3:36-13:44), or watch the shorter tutorial Prepping Fibre by hand.
  6. For everyone: Decide what fibre prep will you use. Watch the Controlled Released Sample tutorial before making your samples. Watch again Kim’s demo in the videos and prep your sample wool.  Watch 5.0 Project Planning & Inspiration from min 12:30-end. Spin 4 samples from your fibre prep and choose your favourite of the four. Make a control card with your favourite one. If you have more time, spin a 5 g sample and ply as you intend to ply your finished yarn.

Step 3:

Reminder to also join Kim McKenna, Vikki and Greta for the Study Group Zoom Meetup on Friday, October 14th at 11:00 AM PDT. If you can’t make it, we will post the recording one week later.

Share with us in the forums your progress!

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