Spinning Study Group

A 9-week study group plan to work through the SOS spinning courses and content on a week-by-week basis.

Join in working through the amazing SOS spinning content alongside fellow spinners at our Spinning Study Group!

Over the course of 9 weeks, we’ll work our way through lessons and exercises in Kim McKenna’s upcoming Nuances to Spinning Better Yarns course, lessons from Katrina Stewart’s Spinning up a Level, Diana Twiss’ Colour & Fibre Play and Rachel Smith’s Spinning Sheep Breeds course. Of course if you are planning to spin for socks or a sweater, now is the perfect time to watch Rachel Smith’s Spin to Knit Socks and/or Spin to Knit a Sweater!

All of the chat and progress will be shared over at the Spinning Study Group forum, with social media posts shared using the tags: #sosspinningstudygroup and #schoolofsweetgeorgia. Everyone is welcome to join in – all levels and during any time of the year, adjusting the 9-week plan to work best for your own spinning journey.


I can’t even remember the last time I used my blocking wires 😆

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Slow and steady Progress on my #goodomencardigan by uandiknit #handspunyarn from sweetgeorgia gradient top I spun for the #sosspinningstudygroup schoolofsweetgeorgia last fall. You can still access the Study group if you want to improve your spinning! I guide you week by week on lessons from our different classes to help you spin the yarn you want.

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sweetgeorgia Polwarth and silk top in their new beautiful gradients 😍schoolofsweetgeorgia #sosspinningstudygroup

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ON THE VLOG // Lately we’ve been talking a lot about spinning, and that is because right now in the schoolofsweetgeorgia, we are doing a Spinning Study Group. It’s a nine-week study plan all about helping people improve their spinning techniques; learning about the things that affect the yarn you create, and how to do a better job of making that yarn. But what if you don’t know how to spin yarn. What about if you’re interested in learning how to start, but you don’t even know where to begin. We talk a lot about fibre, we talk about wool, but what about the tool that you need in order to spin yarn.⁠

Join me at today’s Taking Back Friday vlog where I take you through my little collection of spindles – we’ll talk about what to look for, what to avoid, and what would be just fun to play with – plus how to get started with spinning yarn. Video link in bio »⁠

I would also love to hear from you… if you've never spun before and are curious about learning how to spin. Or, if you have been spinning for awhile, what kind of advice or suggestions would you give to brand new spinners, to help someone on their way. Let me know in the comments!

#takingbackfridayvlog #sosspinningstudygroup #sosspinning

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ON THE VLOG // I have a finished object to show you today! I've been away from this Taking Back Friday space for a couple of weeks because I've been taking my family to do summer things. We took them to Pender Island for a weekend and we also went camping for a week, and so during that whole time, I was able to knit The Shift Cowl design by Andrea Mowry dreareneeknits.⁠

This cowl has been on my list to make for many years now, and it is something that really got me back into wanting to spin. The whole project has been mesmerizing to knit because you don't know what colour is going to come up next. And so today, I want to talk about the yarns I've been spinning for making this cowl, and how I've been feeling so good about it too.⁠

Watch today's Taking Back Friday at our link in bio »

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Get ready! Get set! It’s Week One of our Spinning Study Group and this week is all about dreaming your ideal yarn for your chosen project & spinning sampling.⁠

We invest so much time spinning our singles, plying and finishing our handspun, and many times we are not happy with the finished product. Through the following 9 weeks, we will take our spinning wheels, e-spinners and spindles through the paces and sample to design the ideal yarn for our dream project.⁠

Join us over at the Spinning Study Group page for all of the group info and week one's plan – link in bio »⁠

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Following a summer of natural dyeing, we're looking forward to our next SOS study group for the fall – our Spinning Study Group!⁠

Join us for 9 weeks of spinning as we work our way through some of the amazing spinning content at the School. There will be two new spinning course releases throughout the study group timeline: Kim McKenna’s Nuances to Spinning Better Yarns course as well as Felicia Lo Wong's Spinning Intentional Colour, and we will also work through lessons from Katrina Stewart’s Spinning up a Level course, Diana Twiss’ Colour & Fibre Play and Rachel Smith’s Spinning Sheep Breeds course.⁠

Join in and learn more at the Spinning Study Group page (link in bio) and then head over to the study group forum chat! New lessons will be released on Thursdays, with everything kicking off on September 1st!

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We can't believe the final week of the Spinning Study Group is already here tomorrow! If you haven't yet checked out the group forum discussions, or shared your own progress there, we definitely suggest taking a look! Reading through other spinners' notes could be helpful for your own spinning journey, plus there's tons of fun chat and friendly support taking place along the way. Look for Greta's Week Nine update tomorrow at the Spinning Study Group page (link in bio) »⁠

Also taking place tomorrow is Felicia's SOS Live Office Hours, starting at 10am PDT! You can find the livestream link in the SOS Events Calendar (under Community on the site). We hope to see you online in the chat!

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