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A 9-week study group plan to work through the SOS spinning courses and content on a week-by-week basis.

Greta Cornejo · August 9, 2021
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Join in working through the amazing SOS spinning content alongside fellow spinners at our Spinning Study Group!

Over the course of 9 weeks, we’ll work our way through lessons and exercises in Kim McKenna’s upcoming Nuances to Spinning Better Yarns course, lessons from Katrina Stewart’s Spinning up a Level, Diana Twiss’ Colour & Fibre Play and Rachel Smith’s Spinning Sheep Breeds course. Of course if you are planning to spin for socks or a sweater, now is the perfect time to watch Rachel Smith’s Spin to Knit Socks and/or Spin to Knit a Sweater!

All of the chat and progress will be shared over at the Spinning Study Group forum, with social media posts shared using the tags: #sosspinningstudygroup and #schoolofsweetgeorgia. Everyone is welcome to join in – all levels and during any time of the year, adjusting the 9-week plan to work best for your own spinning journey.

Reminder to join us today for our final Zoom meetup as part of the Spinning Study Group: Working from Fleece with Kim McKenna @claddaghfibrearts! Starting today, November 10th at 11:00 AM PT (2:00 PM ET), bring along the fleece you`ve scoured, prepped, and spun over the past six weeks and share it with us as we wrap up this fabulous and fun group study. ⁠

Find the Zoom link at the SOS Events Calendar (link in IG bio). We`ll see you soon!⁠

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As daily life can become busy, taking back a bit of every day for crafting is my happy place. Learning new skills by myself can feel challenging and being the only fiber-obsessed human in my household, lonely too. There is a reason make-alongs are so popular with so many crafters: even if we love our “me time,” sharing the process and the takeaways make it more meaningful as it didn’t stay only with us, but may have helped someone else too.⁠

At Greta Cornejo`s @gretacornejomakes new article: Level Up Your Fibre Arts Skills with Study Groups, Greta shares more about how these study guides have helped her along her own journey of exploring the different SOS course content. Helping her to level up her own learning. Find the article at the SOS site (direct link in bio)!

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Now past the halfway point, this week at the Spinning Study Group: Working from Fleece we`ve started working through the spinning content in the study lesson plan. Using the control card, we`re spinning the singles and dividing our prepped fibre for plying over the next two weeks. All of the information and guidance is available at Greta`s @gretacornejomakes week four post.⁠

For spinners working along with us in the study, don`t forget that you can join in any of our online Zoom meetups with Vikki to ask any questions, plus questions and progress can be shared over in the SOS forums. Taking place in a couple of weeks, on November 10th, we`ll also join together for our Zoom Finale Meetup. If you want help finessing how you use your fibre prep tools, bring them to the meeting—Kim @claddaghfibrearts has offered to coach us to make a better fibre prep. Find all of the info at the study group page (direct link in bio)!

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It`s week three at our Spinning Study Group: Working from Fleece and we`ll be focusing on the fibre prep process along with some spinning and sampling too! ⁠

There are tutorials to easily reference the different fibre prep techniques, plus download Kim McKenna`s @claddaghfibrearts great Sampling Fibre to Yarn worksheet for compiling all the options you could have in your fibre prep. This can then help determine which way you want to fibre prep the rest of your scoured fibre. Also now available for viewing is last week`s recording from our Zoom Progress Meetup with chapter notes to quickly find all of the helpful info shared there. ⁠Read more at the week three update at the study group page!

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Brännö fleece ready for a wash. As a longwool it is very lustrous but it is also suprisingly soft. Interestingly enough, I haven`t seen this breed listed anywhere and it seems to have few sheep and fewer shepherds.
I`m curious to experience the spinning and process of turning it into cloth.

I`ve been sampling scouring methods and spun up a little sample this week.

If you had these beautiful locks in your hands, what would you make?

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We`re diving into our second week at the Spinning Study Group where the focus of this six-week study is on learning more about the fibre prep process, working through Kim McKenna`s @claddaghfibrearts spinning courses: Working from Fleece and Nuances to Spinning Better Yarns!⁠

Last week we started with the scouring of a small wool amount. This week we scale up with the scouring and sampling of a small wool batch, getting our samples to a point where we are happy with them so next week we can prepare our fibre to get it ready to spin. ⁠

Read more at the week two update – study group link in our bio »⁠

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