Spinning Study Group: Working from Fleece

Join us for the Working from Fleece Study Group at the School! Running from October 6th to Nov 17th, 2022; this study group will work through content from Kim McKenna's courses: Working from Fleece & Nuances to Spinning Better Yarns available at School of SweetGeorgia

New lessons will be released on Thursdays each week. We're happy to have you here!

Kim McKenna · August 25, 2022

Welcome to the Working from Fleece Study Group!

If you love spinning and working with wool, this is the Study Group for you. We will work along Kim McKenna’s beautiful new course “Working from  Fleece” and some of the content in “Nuances to Spinning Better Yarns” available in their totality in the School to watch at your own pace. You can choose to either start from raw fleece, clean fleece or if you prefer commercial top. We will work with you through the scouring or you can choose to start from a clean fleece/ hand-dyed top and join in the fibre prep and sampling.

Check the Get Ready Lesson, so you have all your supplies ready to jump in with us in the Fall. Remember besides the two meet ups for the Study group, you can join Saturday Zoom MeetUp with Vikki for any questions.

October 6th – November 10th 

  • Get Ready: (Available Now!)
  • Week 1: Scour a small sample (Available Oct 6th, 2022)
  • Week 2: Scour the rest of the 100g / 3 oz raw fleece (Available Oct 13, 2022)
  • Week 2: Progress Meet Up via Zoom (Friday Oct 14st, 11 AM PST) Join us!
  • Week 3: Fibre prep the clean fleece (Available Oct 20, 2022)
  • Week 4 & 5: Spin singles, ply & finish (Available Oct 27th, 2022) & Progress MeetUp recording
  • Week 6: Finale Meet Up via Zoom (Thursday November 10th, 2022 11 AM PST) Join us!
  • Week 7: Finale MeetUp Recording posted in SOS (Available Nov 17th, 2022)

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