Spinning Sheep Breeds

Taught by Rachel Smith, explore the different classes of wool available to hand-spinners in this extensive workshop. An excellent foundation of learning, particularly for spinners new to spinning different sheep breeds and learning about the various types of wool.

Rachel Smith · April 15, 2021

Join instructor Rachel Smith in this extensive workshop exploring various sheep breeds available for spinning, including fine and medium wools, long and down, and double-coated and primitive wools. Within each class of wool, we will explore what classifies them within that category, some of the uniting characteristics and reflections about the yarns we can create with these different wools available to hand-spinners. 

Spinning Sheep Breeds will provide an excellent ground for you to continue your own study of wool, spinning and yarn. Included in this workshop, we:

  • learn the differences between wool classified as fine, medium, long, down and primitive wools.
  • show how to spin the wool and the thoughts behind these choices.
  • explore uses for the yarns we make from various wools.
  • talk about project planning and inspire you to use your own handspun.

This workshop is not meant to be exhaustive but is meant to provide a good foundation of learning, particularly for those new to spinning different sheep breeds and recognizing that there are various types of wool.

Share your course progress and work with us! You can find the chat over at the SOS Community Forums and tag us on Instagram with #sosspinning and #schoolofsweetgeorgia. 

Have you ever had trouble with a messy long-tail cast-on? One end seems to be getting all kinked up while the other end is separating before your very eyes! What is going on here? Well, every time we make a wrapping motion, we change our yarn. Some projects are fine, but others… well, they just seem to be so difficult! Let’s have a look under the hood to see how and why the twist direction of our yarns can make or break a project.⁠

New at the School is Amanda Buckley`s @mandythephilomath article Twist And Shout: Why Twist Direction Matters In Your Making, arming you with the knowledge of how our techniques can change yarn as we work with it, and how we can choose to compensate for it or even amplify it for effect.⁠

Read the full post at the SOS site (link in bio)!⁠

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For the longest time, I felt intimidated by the idea of learning to spin silk yarns. It felt like the epitome of luxury fibres for me. At a KnitCity festival, looking at the Sanjo silk studio booth, I became mesmerised by the shine and character of the silk yarns. As a then-beginner spinner, I got myself a few packs of silk and wool-silk spinning fibres which I promptly sampled going home. After looking at my plyback samples, I stashed those fibres for the longest time, for whenever I would be good enough to spin them.⁠

Continue reading Greta`s @gretacornejomakes new Learning to Spin Silk Yarns article at the School where she encourages you to source some luxury fibres (@sweetgeorgia has lovely kits) and add them to your spinning stash. Or unearth that luxury fibre you got a few seasons ago and play. Even five grams can ignite a lot of fun and creativity to your craft.⁠

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In a few short years, the development of e-spinners for every budget and every level of experience has made the electric spinner go from purely aspirational to totally attainable. Have you ever wondered if spinning with e-spinners might expand your spinning practice? Have you considered getting an e-spinner, and if so, which model is right for you? ⁠

Over at the new Spinning with e-Spinners course, instructor Debbie Held @doodler01 will answer these questions and more as she teaches how to use this unique spinning tool! Learn just how versatile they are with loads of tips and tricks to help you improve your skills. And then at the SOS Community Forums, you can share your project pictures, ask questions, and join in the spinning chat.⁠

Find the Spinning with e-Spinners course page at our link in bio!⁠

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Following the release of Rachel Smith`s @woolnspinning Spinning Luxury Fibres: Silk where we began the exploration of spinning with a variety silk fibres, we`ll soon continue on the luxury fibre path with the upcoming Spinning Luxury Fibres: Camelids!⁠

With an introduction to Camelid fibres, including types, locational varieties, and considerations for spinning, and exploring Merino wool and silk blends with these luxurious fibres, Rachel will briefly introduce the camelid family of mammals and discuss how their genus breaks down. Then we get into specifics with alpacas, llamas, and camels.⁠

Now available, you can find the materials list for the course so you can begin preparing for the lesson launch on April 6th. There you can also find the link to the new Spinning Luxury Kit, shown here, at the @sweetgeorgia shop! ⁠

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As much as I want to have a really deep, profound reason for making things, it’s really simple: I just really love making things with my hands. I’ve always worked with paper, collaging and glueing, knitting, and playing with yarn and patterns. I find my podcast is an extension of that creative energy, to be able to create something digitally and share that with others.⁠

Rachel Smith @woolnspinning is a passionate learner, a kind and clear teacher, and a jewel in our community. At the new SOS article `Learn About Spinning Instructor Rachel Smith`, Greta Cornejo @gretacornejomakes speaks with Rachel and shares some insights into her work. If you haven`t yet watched Rachel’s online spinning courses at the School, we encourage you to do so.⁠

Read the full article at the School – link in bio »⁠

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