Spinning Sheep Breeds

Taught by Rachel Smith, explore the different classes of wool available to hand-spinners in this extensive workshop. An excellent foundation of learning, particularly for spinners new to spinning different sheep breeds and learning about the various types of wool.


Join instructor Rachel Smith in this extensive workshop exploring various sheep breeds available for spinning, including fine and medium wools, long and down, and double-coated and primitive wools. Within each class of wool, we will explore what classifies them within that category, some of the uniting characteristics and reflections about the yarns we can create with these different wools available to hand-spinners. 

Spinning Sheep Breeds will provide an excellent ground for you to continue your own study of wool, spinning and yarn. Included in this workshop, we:

  • learn the differences between wool classified as fine, medium, long, down and primitive wools.
  • show how to spin the wool and the thoughts behind these choices.
  • explore uses for the yarns we make from various wools.
  • talk about project planning and inspire you to use your own handspun.

This workshop is not meant to be exhaustive but is meant to provide a good foundation of learning, particularly for those new to spinning different sheep breeds and recognizing that there are various types of wool.

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Rachel Smith

Wool n' Spinning ? for the love of making yarn #useyourhandspun wife | mama | INFP | handspun | knit | weave | RN

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