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Spinning Intentional Colour

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  1. MODULE 1: How Colour is Affected by Spinning
    1.1 Colour Theory for Spinners
  2. 1.2 Effects of Spinning
  3. MODULE 2: Analyzing Your Hand-Dyed Fibre
    2.0 Analyzing Your Hand Dyed Fibre
  4. MODULE 3: Preserving Colour
    3.0 Plying
  5. MODULE 4: Mixing Colour
    4.0 Mixing Colour
  6. MODULE 5: Spinning Batts
    5.0 Making a Batt
  7. MODULE 6: Choose Your Own Adventure
    6.0 Choose your Own Adventure
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6.0 Choose your Own Adventure

 The thing I love about spinning is that it is deeply personal and very individual. We could all be spinning the exact same fibre, dyed in the exact same colorway, and I have no doubt that we would all produce completely different looking yarns. How our hands work together, how smooth our singles are, how we might pre-draft the fibre or not, or how we just naturally spread the fibre apart as we spin, how we strip the fibre, all of these minute little decisions will stack and add up to create completely different yarns. 

I encourage you to actually try some of these techniques and share with us what you’ve done. I hope that some of these techniques have inspired you to look at the things that you want to make and make decisions about how you want that colour to appear in your final project, and then work backwards to figure out how you need to spin it to get to your end product. 

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