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Introduction to Spinning from Scratch

In this course, I have very simple goals for you. By the end of this course, I would love for you to be able to achieve three things:

  1. to be able to spin a continuous yarn using your spinning wheel
  2. to be able to make a simple, traditional 2-ply yarn and finish that yarn in preparation for knitting or weaving, or whatever you might like to do with it
  3. to understand that multiple variables affect the characteristics of your finished yarn. So we’ll talk about the main variables that affect your handspun like what makes a thin or thick yarn, what makes a soft and smooth yarn, what makes a lofty yarn or a sleek and slinky yarn, and more.

I have structured this course into four modules. The first one is about getting started on making the yarn, the second module is about troubleshooting and making sure you’re on track, the third module introduces different ways of plying your yarn, and the fourth module is about finishing and working with your yarns. Typically, when I teach this content in a live classroom setting, each module roughly takes a week or two but I encourage you to go through this content at your own pace. You could work through one module per week or one module per month, either way is totally fine. This is the whole point of making an online course like this — you can watch, rewind, review, and repeat as many times as you like and go through the content whenever you have time.

Also at the end of each module, I’ll be giving you a little homework assignment, so be sure to check that out and complete it in order to move onto the next module.

Let’s get started!

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