Spin to Knit Socks
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Socks are the humblest garment: We put them on our feet, wear them all day and wash them in the general load without really thinking much about them, but in this workshop we encourage you to think more of socks and what goes into spinning yarn for them and how much fun it can be!

This workshop is taught by Rachel Smith, the host of the Wool n' Spinning podcast and owner of welfordpurls.com and an incredibly passionate spinner! In this course, Rachel goes over how to create your favourite pair of hand-spun socks by exploring the following topics:

  • Understanding 'default' yarn and twist
  • Different yarn structures and their benefits
  • colour management
  • grist and how to keep your plies consistent

We hope you'll join us and make an amazing pair of socks!

Course by
Rachel Smith
Wool n' Spinning 🐏 for the love of making yarn #useyourhandspun
wife | mama | INFP | handspun | knit | weave | RN

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