Welcome to Rigid Heddle Weaving Basics! In this course, we are going to introduce you to using a rigid heddle loom. This little loom is quite a powerful and versatile piece of equipment and can help you to weave cloth that could be used for everything from scarves and shawls to textiles for the home. This loom is ideal for those who are just wanting to start out in weaving but don’t want to invest the money or space on a floor loom.

In this course, we are going to be learning how to use this versatile loom with two projects: a sock yarn scarf and a sock/lace scarf. Throughout these videos, you’ll learn how to:

  • Calculate how much material you’ll need to weave the kind of scarf or wrap you want
  • How to use the direct warp method
  • How to use the indirect warp method
  • How to use a basic weave structure to make a scarf
  • How to finish a scarf
  • Further resources to take your rigid heddle weaving to the next level

We hope you’ll join us for this course! Please share any progress or questions on the SOS forums!

About Instructor

Felicia Lo Wong

founder + creative director of SweetGeorgia // designer + dreamer // wife + mama // dyer, knitter, spinner, weaver // author + youtuber // been writing about colour and craft since 2004 // has far too many instagram accounts @lomeetsloom, @felicialowong, and @sweetgeorgia.

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