Rigid Heddle Study Group: Colour & Weave

Join us for the Rigid Heddle Study Group at the School! Running from August 4th to August 26th, 2022; this study group will work through content from Amanda Wood's course: Colour & Weave on Rigid Heddle Loom, from weaving a colour & weave gamp, wet finishing your gamp and weaving either the class pattern or designing your woven cloth.

New lessons will be released on Thursdays each week. We're happy to have you here!

Welcome to the Colour & Weave Study Group!

We are so happy you are here.  The rigid heddle is one of the most approachable looms to start weaving.  If you have been inspired by the beautiful pieces seen in the School and have been waiting for a sign to jump in, this is it!

Whether you are just starting or have plenty of experience, I hope you join us. This is the perfect opportunity to try a “new to you” yarn and either weave along the course’s project or design a woven textile.   We have the very comprehensive class by Amanda Wood: “Colour & Weave on Rigid Heddle Loom”. Join us throughout August as we work through the class content and join the meet ups with Amanda to ask questions & share your progress

Check the Get Ready Lesson, so you have all your supplies ready to jump in with us in the Summer. 

Aug 4th – Aug 26th 

  • Get Ready: Prep & Materials (Available Now!)
  • Week 1: Colour & Weave Gamp, Wet Finish It! (Available Aug 4th, 2022)
  • Week 2: Pick & Choose, Start Weaving your Project (Available Aug 11th, 2022)
  • Week 2: Join us for the Zoom Progress Meet Up (Friday Aug 12, 2022 11 AM PST)
  • Zoom Recording will be posted in SOS (Available Aug 18th, 2022)
  • Week 4: Finishing (Available Aug 25th, 2022)
  • Week 4: Zoom Finale Meet Up, Join us! (Friday Aug 26th, 2022 11 AM PST)
  • Finale Recording posted in SOS (Available Sept 1st, 2022)

If you choose the same yarn Amanda used in her course project, you can find them bundled with a 1-month SOS subscription at the SweetGeorgia shop here» Remember to source enough yarn for your class project too!

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