Plant a Natural Dye Garden

Join in learning to grow your own dye garden and safe wildcrafting natural dye plants with Caitlin ffrench.

Join in learning about growing your own dye garden, as well as about the safe wildcrafting of natural dye plants with Caitlin ffrench. The range of colours that can be produced with natural dyes has a cohesiveness and harmony that roots us to our environment.

In this course, Caitlin guides you through the basics, including:

  • planning ahead for a year of colour.
  • deciding what to grow in your garden or wildcraft from within your land base.
  • examples of local colour wheels on different fibre bases: grey wool, cotton, superwash wool, plus a wool + silk blend.
  • best wildcrafting practices and how to be the best ally to your land base.

Once you’ve begun your natural dye garden journey, please do show us your results as well – we’ll be gathering over in the SOS Community Forums, and would love to see what you make. Be sure to also tag your Instagram posts with: #sosnaturaldyeing!

ON THE VLOG // It’s been a couple of weeks since we sat down and talked about anything to do with the fibre arts, and I want to catch you up on all that I’ve been doing this summer. It’s been 10 weeks now working through the Natural Dyeing Study Group at the schoolofsweetgeorgia, and so on today’s vlog, I want to share what we’ve been natural dyeing, and the unexpected lessons I learned from all of that.⁠

Watch today's Taking Back Friday vlog at our link in bio »⁠

If you are at all interested in learning about natural dyeing, I encourage you to pop into the school and check out the study group – it will continue to be open with the week-by-week instructions, along with people having discussions as they continue to dye. And if you are interested in learning how to improve your spinning, then I hope you join us for our autumn Spinning Study Group there. With our new Back to School promotion that just launched at the School, it's a great time to check it out at: www.schoolofsweetgeorgia.com!

#sosnaturaldyeingstudygroup #takingbackfridayvlog

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Workshop replay now available at the schoolofsweetgeorgia // Learn about the magical world of indigo dyeing with Kathy Hattori of Botanical Colors botanicalcolors! This workshop was originally taught last week as a live 1-hour Zoom presentation. In the video replay, learn about working with indigo dyes and creating indigo vats for differing depths of colour, plus tips and troubleshooting help, followed by a Q&A session at the end.⁠

Find the SOS workshop at our link in bio and join in the fun indigo colour play with us »


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Coming up next week, don't miss joining in the schoolofsweetgeorgia's live Indigo Dyeing Zoom presentation, taught by Kathy Hattori of Botanical Colors botanicalcolors! Taking place on Wednesday, July 21st at 12pm PDT, Kathy will talk about indigo dyes plus walk us through the steps of setting up, and dyeing with, an indigo dye vat!⁠

Registration for Kathy's live Indigo Dyeing presentation is included in an SOS All-Access membership – registration and more info at our link in bio »⁠
And if you're unable to join us during the live presentation, we'll have a replay of the session available soon following the event.


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Join our SOS Natural Dyeing Study Group! We’ve been wanting to start these study groups for some time now and since we do everything “seasonally”, it makes the most sense to start with dyeing in the summer… and specifically, natural dyeing! Starting on June 1st, we're running a 10-week study group to work through the lessons in the Natural Dyeing Basics course taught by Caitlin ffrench ffrench!⁠

We'll work through the dyeing content together, on a week-by-week basis. You can reference this study group anytime after the summer has passed, but it will be lots of fun and encouraging to dye through the material together!⁠

Click our link in bio to learn more and to join us at the School of SweetGeorgia » The fun planning chat has already started over in the SOS forums Natural Dyeing Study Group club!⁠

Also, join our Natural Dyeing Q&A with Caitlin, taking place next week, May 26th, on Zoom. More information available in the SOS Events Calendar in the forums, or at: https://www.schoolofsweetgeorgia.com/courses/natural-dyeing-basics/lessons/qa-on-zoom/

#sosnaturaldyeing #sosnaturaldyeingstudygroup

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April showers bring May flowers! May is here and we sure know exactly what to do with all the fabulous natural colour we're awaiting in our garden beds… eco printing! ⁠

Whether you harvest natural dye materials from your landbase or source from a natural dye supplier, join in the fun at Caitlin ffrench's @ffrench Eco Printing with Natural Dyes workshop at the SOS site »⁠

#sosnaturaldyeing #caitlinffrench #schoolofsweetgeorgia #ecoprint #naturaldyeing

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Our latest SOS course addition is here – Natural Dyeing Basics, taught by local dyer and artist Caitlin ffrench @ffrench!⁠

The range of colours that can be produced with natural dyes has a cohesiveness and harmony that roots us to our environment. Learn how to use natural dyes with plant and animal based fibres — how to scour, mordant and dye them, the best dyeing practices for your home or studio, and so much more!⁠

Click our link in bio to learn more about the new Natural Dyeing Basics course, and enjoy playing with colour!


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We're so excited for next week where we'll join Kathy Hattori of Botanical Colors @botanicalcolors online as she teaches Handpainting with Natural Dyes! ⁠

The presentation will take place live via Zoom, Wednesday, June 23 at 12pm PDT. Registration is included in your All-Access SOS Membership… sign up at the SOS site (link in bio)!⁠

#sosnaturaldyeing #sosnaturaldyeingstudygroup #schoolofsweetgeorgia #kathyhattori #naturaldyeworkshop #naturaldyersofinstagram #naturaldyeing

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Download the Plant a Natural Dye Garden PDF workbook »

Download the Transcript here>>

Remember that SOS All-Access Members receive 15% off at the SweetGeorgia site, discount code available here

Share your questions and progress with us in the community forums »

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Carolyn Koehn
Posted 2 weeks ago
not helpful

not all of us live in the city with no access to land. this class is only focused on that environment. i did not find it help and the instructor seemed to be focused only on her living experiance with no acknowledgment of others

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