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Your Next Steps

Now that you’re here inside the school, let’s talk about your next steps. I’d say that your very next steps would be to:

  1. INTRODUCE YOURSELF: go to the community forums and complete your profile there and put in a little post, your first post. Your first post can be your introduction post and tell everybody a little bit about you and your story, how you came into the fiber arts, how you discovered knitting or crafts, or any of these kinds of things.
  2. DETERMINE YOUR GOALS: the next thing would be to really think about, maybe journal about, write about what it is that you would like to get out of the school here. What it is that you really want to learn? Is it a small goal? Is it a technique? Is it to improve speed? Is it to improve efficiency? Is it to make something that you’ve envisioned that you haven’t been able to make? I would love to hear all about that.
  3. ANSWER OUR SURVEY: please complete the our little survey for the School. The survey really helps us as a team at the School of SweetGeorgia determine what to make next and what to add to our library of content here.

So with that, I wanted to thank you for spending your time here. Thank you so much for joining, and I will see you guys inside the school!