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Navigating the School

Felicia Lo April 1, 2020

Felicia will start the tour by showing us the ins and outs of Navigating the School. The three sections of the school are: Learn, Community and Create (and Share).

We encourage you to complete your forum profile and introduce yourself in the community forums. Also, remember to link your SOS account to Discord from your Dashboard. Scroll to the bottom of the page and by linking accounts, your user name will change colour, indicating to everyone on Discord know you are a member of the school.

Clicking the “Mark Site As Read” will help quiet down all the past chats, taking the pressure off to read all past posts. You can proceed to click on the “Unread Content” next time you log in to see all the most current conversations.

Subscribing to the Events calendar will sync with your digital calendar. This will show events in your time zone and brings all the Zoom links as well, making attending events easy to do.

If at any point you need assistance with the site, any courses, downloads or just navigating the school, we have a Help and Support section in the community forums.


  • Navigating the school 00:00
  • The Learn section: 00:55
    • Video courses 01:58
    • Learning paths 04:06
    • Study guides 04:55
    • Tutorials 05:29
    • Articles 05:49
    • Roadmap 06:21
  • The Community section: 07:13
    • Discussion forums 07:50
    • Discord server 09:36
    • Crafternoons meetups 10:30
    • Live Office Hours 11:19
    • Virtual co-working sessions 12:55
  • The Create section: 13:56
    • Sharing your work 14:17

Use the “Chapters” function on the video player to jump to any section you wish!

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