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Join the Natural Dyeing Study Group

We’ve been wanting to start these study groups for some time now and since we do everything “seasonally”, it makes the most sense to start with dyeing in the summer… and specifically natural dyeing! During these 10 weeks, we’ll work our way through Caitlin ffrench’s new natural dye lessons and exercises.
We will also release two natural dye kits (coming soon) and we have two Zoom workshops with Kathy Hattori on Natural Dyeing and Indigo Dyeing.
During the course of the study group, I’ll be mordanting a big batch of yarn (probably BFL+Silk DK) that I’ll dye into different colours each week and then ultimately, all those colours will be woven up into a big blanket during the winter (we’re planning a winter weaving study group too). Maybe consider what you’d like to dye during the summer that you could use well into the fall and winter!
Here’s a rough breakdown of what we’ll look at each week:
  • WEEK 1: June 1 — supplies, materials, space, safety
  • WEEK 2: June 8 — differences between acid dyes, fibre reactive dyes, natural dyes
  • WEEK 3: June 15 — mordanting yarn (your choice of cotton, wool, silk)
  • WEEK 4: June 22 — dyeing with weld or kamala (yellows)

June 23 — “Handpainting with Natural Dyes” Zoom workshop with Kathy Hattori

June 24 — Live Office Hours

  • WEEK 5: June 29 — dyeing with madder (reds) and lac (plum)
  • WEEK 6: July 6 — dyeing with logwood (purple) and cochineal (pink)
  • WEEK 7: July 13 — saddening colours with iron
  • WEEK 8: July 20 — handpainting with dye extracts, handpainting fibre

July 21 — Indigo Dyeing Zoom workshop with Kathy Hattori

  • WEEK 9: July 27 — making the indigo vat (different ways, how to keep and maintain a vat), dipping yarn, overdyeing with indigo

July 29 — Live Office Hours

  • WEEK 10: Aug 3 — folding and dipping cloth (shibori class)
  • FINALE: Aug 10 — show and tell Zoom meeting

Join us in the Community Group to chat about what you’re most interested in learning and dyeing this summer!