Natural Dyeing Study Group

A 10-week study group plan to work through the SOS natural dyeing courses and content on a week-by-week basis.

We’ve been wanting to start study groups at the School for some time now, and since we do everything “seasonally”, it makes the most sense to start with dyeing in the summer… and specifically, natural dyeing!

This study group originally took place from June-early August 2021, but you can reference this study group anytime! Whether you work through the learning plan on your own or along with friends, the study group focuses on working through the SOS natural dyeing content on a week-by-week basis. We focus on working through the Natural Dyeing Basics course taught by Caitlin ffrench, along with Handpainting with Natural Dyes plus Indigo Dyeing taught by Kathy Hattori of Botanical Colors.

Jump into the first lesson to see what the study group is all about »

We’d also love to see your progress along the way! Share with us in the SOS Community Forums and tag any social media posts with #sosnaturaldyeingstudygroup or #schoolofsweetgeorgia!

We're so excited for next week where we'll join Kathy Hattori of Botanical Colors @botanicalcolors online as she teaches Handpainting with Natural Dyes! ⁠

The presentation will take place live via Zoom, Wednesday, June 23 at 12pm PDT. Registration is included in your All-Access SOS Membership… sign up at the SOS site (link in bio)!⁠

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Coming up next week, don't miss joining in the schoolofsweetgeorgia's live Indigo Dyeing Zoom presentation, taught by Kathy Hattori of Botanical Colors botanicalcolors! Taking place on Wednesday, July 21st at 12pm PDT, Kathy will talk about indigo dyes plus walk us through the steps of setting up, and dyeing with, an indigo dye vat!⁠

Registration for Kathy's live Indigo Dyeing presentation is included in an SOS All-Access membership – registration and more info at our link in bio »⁠
And if you're unable to join us during the live presentation, we'll have a replay of the session available soon following the event.


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ON THE VLOG // It’s been a couple of weeks since we sat down and talked about anything to do with the fibre arts, and I want to catch you up on all that I’ve been doing this summer. It’s been 10 weeks now working through the Natural Dyeing Study Group at the schoolofsweetgeorgia, and so on today’s vlog, I want to share what we’ve been natural dyeing, and the unexpected lessons I learned from all of that.⁠

Watch today's Taking Back Friday vlog at our link in bio »⁠

If you are at all interested in learning about natural dyeing, I encourage you to pop into the school and check out the study group – it will continue to be open with the week-by-week instructions, along with people having discussions as they continue to dye. And if you are interested in learning how to improve your spinning, then I hope you join us for our autumn Spinning Study Group there. With our new Back to School promotion that just launched at the School, it's a great time to check it out at: www.schoolofsweetgeorgia.com!

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Join our SOS Natural Dyeing Study Group! We’ve been wanting to start these study groups for some time now and since we do everything “seasonally”, it makes the most sense to start with dyeing in the summer… and specifically, natural dyeing! Starting on June 1st, we're running a 10-week study group to work through the lessons in the Natural Dyeing Basics course taught by Caitlin ffrench ffrench!⁠

We'll work through the dyeing content together, on a week-by-week basis. You can reference this study group anytime after the summer has passed, but it will be lots of fun and encouraging to dye through the material together!⁠

Click our link in bio to learn more and to join us at the School of SweetGeorgia » The fun planning chat has already started over in the SOS forums Natural Dyeing Study Group club!⁠

Also, join our Natural Dyeing Q&A with Caitlin, taking place next week, May 26th, on Zoom. More information available in the SOS Events Calendar in the forums, or at: https://www.schoolofsweetgeorgia.com/courses/natural-dyeing-basics/lessons/qa-on-zoom/

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Last week over at the SOS Natural Dyeing Study Group was all about Handpainting with Natural Dyes, where Felicia worked with sock blanks and fustic, logwood and cochineal extracts. Handpainting is a fantastic way of minimizing water usage in natural dyeing, and it's so much fun to watch the logwood shift from rusty orange solution to dark purple right before your very eyes. You can find the video of Felicia's process in the Week 8 update.⁠

And for this week, the Week 9 agenda, we're Dyeing with Indigo! Find all of the natural dyeing updates over at the study group page – link in bio »


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It's week seven at the Natural Dyeing Study Group and this week we’re starting to modify the base colours that we’ve previously dyed using iron. As Felicia @felicialowong shares in the latest update, Saddening Colours with Iron, over-dyeing with iron can help darken and desaturate some of the brighter hues to create new depth to your naturally-dyed palette. You can also create some of those green hues missing from the mix.⁠

Shown here is Felicia's Tough Love Sock skeins shown with original colours of Weld, Kamala, and Walnut plus over-dyed with iron at the front. Read more at the Week Seven update – link in bio! ⁠
Plus, if you haven't already, join us over at the Study Group Forum Group to see all of the amazing work that's been shared there!⁠

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Taking place tomorrow, June 24th at 10am PDT, join in our June Live Office Hours session! ⁠

It's been great catching up with you at past livestreams, seeing all of the lovely greetings and comments come up in the chat. During these one-hour livestream sessions each month, I get a chance to sit down and catch up with you about what's taking place inside the School.⁠

This month, I'll share updates about our recent SOS course filming at the studio, the weaving taking place on the Mira loom, as well as progress from our Natural Dyeing Study Group (it's dyeing yellows week!). I also want to take a moment to talk about the lessons I'm learning from natural dyeing and the mindset behind being a part of a study group. ⁠

The Live Office Hours link is available under Community on the SOS site, in the Events Calendar. See you online!⁠

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It's week four at the SOS Natural Dyeing Study Group and we're dyeing yellows! Natural dyeing is constantly teaching me new lessons. With mordanting and scouring, the lesson was about learning to focus on the process and being diligent about steps that are mostly invisible. Mentally, that can be a challenging thing to accept… that you can’t necessarily see what you’re doing. This week, the lesson is again to focus on the process and not the outcome because what you see may not be what you get.⁠

This week, we are finally putting COLOUR onto our beautifully scoured and mordanted yarn and fabric!⁠

Find the Week Four updates at the Natural Dyeing Study Group page – link in bio!⁠

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