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1.2 Grasp the Math

Tabetha Hedrick November 18, 2020

For 1.2 Grasp the Math lesson, it’s time to do some number crunching to figure out how many stitches we need to cast on to get a fitting sweater in the end!

In this video, we will follow along as Leah shares her progress so far. Tabetha will discuss sweater construction, body measurements, ease, formulas, drawing your schematic and more. After all of this, we will review Leah’s final notes.

Another great article to check out is Working Gauge vs Finished Gauge: What’s the difference? written by Tabetha.

There is a lot to think, and re-think about when drafting out a sweater from scratch. We have a whole community available to you. Scroll to the bottom of any of the lessons to find a link to our forums!


  • Welcome 00:00
  • How Leah’s previous homework went 02:18
  • Chatting about drop shoulder construction 08:28
  • Getting into the math 14:45
  • Body measurements 15:43
  • Decisions on ease 20:59
  • Draw your schematic 25:18
  • Calculate the numbers 27:27
  • Tapering formula 37:11
  • Homework for next time 50:55
  • Leah’s final notes 54:53

Use the “Chapters” function on the video player to jump to any section you wish!

Download the transcript for this lesson here »

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