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Episode 5: Houndstooth Scarves

Felicia Lo February 26, 2021

Houndstooth is a classic pattern that continues to be very modern today. You’ll see it everywhere from scarves and shawls to hats, jackets, pants, and even face masks. We are going to look at this colour-and-weave effect and how to weave the houndstooth pattern using a rigid heddle loom, a 4-shaft loom, and also an 8-shaft loom.

In this episode, we actually have FIVE different houndstooth scarf patterns that you can choose from, depending on what loom you have and what kinds of colours or yarns you would like to use. You can download the pattern PDFs below (note that the Catwalk pattern has two options in it).

What I love about houndstooth is that it’s a classic, timeless, and recognizable motif that can be reimagined in new ways without losing the classic qualities of houndstooth. It’s absolutely a great canvas for us to explore colour in weaving.

Learning Objectives

  1. To be able to weave the houndstooth motif on a rigid heddle loom as well as 4-shaft and 8-shaft looms
  2. To be able to wind a warp using multiple colours on a warping board
  3. To be able to weave with multiple weft shuttles
  4. To sample and make changes to the weaving sett in order to produce the best possible cloth
  5. To learn how to convert a rising shed draft to tie up a countermarche loom
  6. To explore how to apply gradient colours to a classic colour-and-weave technique

Watch the Tutorial Weaving with Multiple Weft Shuttles here

Use the ‘Chapters’ function on the video player to jump to any section you wish!

  • Welcome 00:00-0:57
  • What is Colour & Weave 0:57-02:32
  • What is Houndstooth 02:32-05:24
  • Rigid Heddle Houndstooth 05:24-07:46
  • Warping the Rigid Heddle Loom 07:46-11:42
  • Weaving on the Rigid Heddle Loom 11:42-15:55
  • 4 Shaft Houndstooth 15:55-20:07
  • Floating Selvedges 20:07-21:15
  • Winding strips in the Warp 21:15-23:21
  • Weaving with Multiple Weft Colours 23:21-24:21
  • Weave to Square/ Balanced Cloth 24:21-26:28
  • 8 Shaft Houndstooth 26:28-29:12
  • Tying up a Countermarch Loom 29:12-40:34
  • Gradient Houndstooth Scarf 40:34-end

Download the Puppytooth Scarf (Rigid Heddle option) Weaving Pattern here »

Download the Cabin Fever Scarf (Buffalo Plaid 4-shaft option) Weaving Pattern here »

Download the Triple Check Scarf (4-shaft option) Weaving Pattern here »

Download the Catwalk Scarf (8-shaft and gradient options) Weaving Pattern here »

Download the Houndstooth Scarves Transcript here »

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*There are 4 patterns in this lesson, please refer to pattern for exact yarn and equipment needed for each pattern. Below is a general overview of materials used in this lesson. 


  • 4-shaft table or floor loom or rigid heddle loom: minimum 10-15 inch (25.4-38 cm) width
  • 8-shaft table or floor loom 
  • 10 & 12 & 15 dent reed 
  • Warping Board
  • Raddle

Additional Equipment for Rigid Heddle loom:

  • Peg with clamp for the direct warping method
  • Warping board for the indirect warping method
  • 2 Lease sticks (or 2 long sticks) indirect warping method
  • Extra bar for back beam if removal on loom isn't possible

Yarn: *Please refer to pattern for exact yardage requirements

Additional tools:

  • Scissors
  • Reed hook
  • Heddle hook
  • Lease Sticks
  • Darning needle 
  • Masking/ Painters Tape
  • Waste yarn for choke ties 
  • Waste yarn for header
  • Measuring tape or Ribbon & Sewing Pins
  • Waste yarn for suspending Lease sticks or Ashford Helping Hands Kit
  • Stick shuttle or Boat Shuttle *Bobbins and Bobbin Winder also required
  • Sticks or Paper for winding onto the back beam and front beam

If not using the Dummy warp method for dressing the loom, you will need: 

  • Clamps *for attaching Raddle or Rigid heddle to table
  • *Additional back or front bar depending on loom