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2.4 Short Rows for Shoulder Shaping

A short row is essentially working a partial row before turning and working the next row, building up fabric along only part of the row width. If you simply turn the work and begin working in the opposite direction, a little hole will appear in the knitted fabric at the turn. Various short row methods approach eliminating or minimizing this hole in different ways; three short row methods are included in this lesson. 

  • Introduction 00:00- 02:25
  • Wrap & Turns 
    • W&T Demo 02:25- 09:15
    • Hiding the Wraps 09:15- 12:15
  • Japanese Short Rows:
    • Demo Closing the Gaps on the Knit Side  12:15- 18:00
    • Demo Closing the Gaps on the Purl Side 18:00- 21:50
    • Japanese Short Row Samples 21:50- 23:16
  • German Short Rows:
    • German Short Rows Demo 23:16- end

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