Frame Loom Weaving Basics

Felicia Lo · April 4, 2019

Weaving can sometimes be a little bit intimidating to people to get started because it seems like when you start weaving that you need a lot of equipment. It seems very expensive to get involved in. It’s seems like there’s just, there’s a lot. A lot of terminology, a lot of little things to learn, and a lot of little very straightforward, very common sense things but they are absorbed and acquired over a long period of time. So remember to be patient with yourselves, as always, to just give yourself space to explore and learn and understand how things work.

The best way to start is to understand how basic cloth is created. Weaving is simply, at its most fundamental, just about holding one set of yarns under tensions, that’s your warp threads, and then, the other thread, the weft thread, interlaces through those warp threads in different ways.

This workshop is designed to introduce you to the world of modern weaving by teaching you how to use the simplest of all looms: the frame loom. You will learn how to use basic weaving techniques such as:

  • plain weave
  • rya knots
  • soumak braid
  • looped tabby

Weaving has endless possibilities and little equipment is needed to get started so we hope you join us for Frame Loom Weaving Basics! Come on and weave weird with us!

In our workshop, Frame Loom Weaving Basics, I demonstrate the basic weaving techniques using a small loom from Purl & Loop. There are several places where you can find a similar loom to work with.


  • Purl & Loop — they make a variety of small frame looms in different setts, along with accessories like weaving combs, long yarn needles, and innovative tools for weaving jewelry and “sett checkers”
  • Ashford — makes two sizes of frame looms, a small (9″ x 13″) and large size (19″ x 27″)
  • Woven Wood Goods — I use their small (10″ x 15″) frame loom for the vertical wall hangings that I have made and their Indigo-dipped yarn needles are my favourite to work with.
  • Schacht —their Lilli Loom is the perfect take-along size for on-the-go tapestry projects, and more. The warp can be wound for either 6 or 12 ends per inch, offering options for wider and narrower setts. The 10″ x 15″ is an ideal size for learning to weave, making samples, small projects, and travel.

In the demonstration for this workshop, we used a few different yarns:

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