Five By Five Cowl

In this workshop, you'll learn how to make the purl stitch, ribbing, provisional cast on and two methods for grafting while knitting a beautiful infinity loop cowl.
Felicia Lo · September 23, 2020

The Five by Five Cowl workshop is meant to follow the Learn to Knit workshop that taught the absolute basics of knitting: from casting on, to knitting a garter stitch scarf, to learning how to bind off and finish a knitted project. In this workshop, learn to take your knitting skills to the next level, with some more fundamental techniques including:

  • how to work the purl stitch
  • how to combine knits and purls into ribbing
  • how to do a provisional cast on
  • how to work a Kitchener stitch to graft two ends together in a very seamless way
  • also how to do the three needle bind off to do a quick, but more visible, seam

The project we’ll make in this series is the Five by Five Cowl: a cozy infinity loop cowl made by holding three yarns together (in our example we use 2 fingering weight yarns and a lace weight but you can use whatever you’d wish!). It’s a perfect project to practice these new skills on and have fun playing with texture and colour at the same time! Download the free pattern and get started!

For any questions and to share your blanket adventures, come visit us in the SOS community forums! Plus, tag us on Instagram with #sosknitting and #schoolofsweetgeorgia!

Seaming Demonstration at knitcityvancouver :: I`m demonstration different seaming techniques at the sweetgeorgia Knitting Lounge at Knit City on Saturday at 1pm. Stay after the demo for a knit and greet session. I`m so looking forward for the chance to chat and catch up with everyone!⁣
Posted withregram • schoolofsweetgeorgia We`re so excited to hit publish and share with you the final module of Holli Yeoh`s holliyeoh fabulous Fundamentals to Finishing Knits course, with lessons teaching valuable tips and techniques for all knitters, helping you to elevate your knits!⁠

In the third "Finishing" module now available, there are a large range of techniques covered including: bind offs, blocking, pockets, seaming, buttonholes, weaving in ends and more. Along the way, you can also ask questions and share your progress over in the SOS community forums—we absolutely love hearing how this course is helping knitters of all levels with their hand knit projects!⁠

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Sometimes, after knitting for a few hours, my hands begin to hurt. Did I take a break? No. Have I stretched at regular intervals? No. Have I taken care of the body that loves to knit today? I fed it potato chips; does that count? It should, but no.⁠

When our bodies hurt after crafting for extended periods, sometimes all we need is to stretch, put our project down for a while (a day or more), or work on something else that uses a different set of muscles. But what happens if you come back to the project and it still hurts? Does that mean that you can’t go back to the craft you love? Not necessarily. But you should have a chat with a health care provider to see if you have created an injury or strain.⁠

What happens if, after that visit, you need to shift your crafting to something else, and you aren’t sure what that is? At Robyn Gibbons`s @nortonknitting new SOS article, she shares a few suggestions for crafts you currently do and ways to pivot and explore new crafting areas. Follow our link in @schoolofsweetgeorgia bio to read the full article »

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An oldie but a goodie! The Cozy Cable features a squishy, thick design in rich goldenrod. Perfect to wear for a walk in the woods on a cool fall afternoon. #makesbymommabakes #northernontarioliving #winterfashion #staywarm #gingersnaphandmade #sosknitting

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Gauge is important in knitting as it affects the final size and fit of the project. However, imperial vs metric measurements in knitting patterns can cause a bit of conversion conundrum for even the most advanced knitter. Neither system is wrong, but confusion can occur when the unit of conversion is not quite… mathematically correct. Let’s see if I can explain what’s going on with the math and what it means for your gauge and pattern results. ⁠

Read Tabetha Hedrick`s @tabismiles new article, Imperial vs. Metric Gauge in Knitting Patterns: The Conversation Conundrum​, to help make sure your knitting projects fit and look great by accurately converting and paying attention to measurement units. Happy knitting!⁠

#sosknitting #schoolofsweetgeorgia⁠
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At the School of SweetGeorgia, we’re all about multicraftual making. It’s even more fun to combine two different crafts in the same project, especially if it means we can create unique effects or leverage the strengths of one craft to make the other easier. Crochet bind-offs in knitting are a great example of this. Binding off knitting can be tedious and time-consuming, but crochet bind-offs make finishing a breeze! In this article, we’ll cover three different crochet bind-offs that can be used in a wide variety of projects.⁠

Continue reading Ruth Nguyen`s @redearthdesignstudio new Crochet Bind-Offs for Knitting​ article and go forth and bind off!⁠

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You’ve knit top-down and toe-up socks, now it’s time to learn how to knit Two-at-a-Time Socks​! Coming to the School on October 5th, knitting instructor Tabetha Hedrick @tabismiles will lead us “step-by-step” through all the techniques needed to knit two socks at the same time with the magic loop method. From setting up, working the heel and rejoining in the round, Tabetha shows us just how easy and doable each step of the process is.⁠

This course uses the Custom Top-Down Sock pattern, which has a very simple ribbed cuff and stockinette stitch. Once you’ve mastered the skills shown in the class, you’ll be able to apply these techniques to any sock pattern you’d like. With this course, we`ve also provided Tabetha`s lacy Prismatic sock pattern (shown here), which is perfect for you to practice with. ⁠

Find the materials list at the course page to help get ready for casting on once the course is released!⁠

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Many of our courses feature patterns to help you explore new techniques and skills. Complete with details about the supplies and equipment needed to make each project, these can offer fun inspiration for what to make while practicing and exploring skills in the different crafts. ⁠

As Felicia shared at today`s Live Office Hours, we`ve added some new patterns over at the "Create" section at the School. Included in this update is Tabetha`s @tabismiles Tume shawl pattern. Fisherman’s Rib and Garter stitch provide a fascinating fabric to play with colour and light with a squishy accessory to wear as the result.⁠

Follow our link in bio to find all of the patterns included with your SOS All-Access membership. And a reminder that with SOS price increases coming as of October 1st, all current SOS members will keep their current pricing as long as they remain a member. If you`ve been thinking of taking the leap to an annual membership, now is a great time to lock in our best annual rate before October 1!⁠

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In knitting, choosing the right needles is crucial for a comfortable experience. Knitting needles are made of various materials, each offering unique advantages. But, with all the options, how do you know which knitting needle to choose? That’s exactly what I’m going to help you figure out! ⁠

Let’s review the types of knitting needles and their pros and cons. Learn about the differences from metal to wood, bamboo, plastic and carbon fibre at Tabetha Hedrick`s @tabismiles "Which Knitting Needle is Right for You?" article!⁠

Follow our link in bio to read the full post »⁠

Do you have a favourite knitting needle you reach for time and time again? Let us know in the comments!⁠

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Indulge in the colours and textures of beautiful hand-dyed yarns. This super easy-to-knit cowl takes three yarns knit together to make a lush, cozy and bouncy infinity loop that can be worn wrapped or loose!


  • Approx 52" (122 cm) circumference x 7" (18 cm) wide, relaxed without blocking



  • US 10 ¾ / 7mm needle
  • Spare knitting needle
  • Tapestry needle
  • Crochet hook
  • Waste yarn for provisional cast on


  • 14 sts and 18 rows per 4" (10 cm) in five by five ribbing, relaxed

About Instructor

Felicia Lo

founder + creative director of SweetGeorgia // designer + dreamer // wife + mama // dyer, knitter, spinner, weaver // author + youtuber // been writing about colour and craft since 2004 // has far too many instagram accounts @lomeetsloom, @felicialowong, and @sweetgeorgia.

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