Epic Cloth Challenge

Since slow cloth takes more than a month to do, let's do a 9-month-long challenge to make something epic from start to finish. Dream of something more epic than you think you can handle... and let's celebrate what you've made in October, during Slow Fashion October.

Felicia Lo · November 26, 2018
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Since slow cloth takes more than a month to do, let’s do a 9-month-long challenge to make something epic from start to finish. Dream of something more epic than you think you can handle… and let’s celebrate what you’ve made in October, during Slow Fashion October.

“Epic” means what “epic” means to you…. So maybe means dyeing the yarn to knit OR dyeing the fibre to spin the yarn to knit or weave OR if it means shearing the sheep to process the fleece to dye the fleece and spin the yarn OR maybe it means designing your own sweater or wall hanging and executing the finished piece. Take this challenge to be whatever you need it to be.

For any questions and to share your epic cloth adventures, come visit us in the SOS community forums! Plus, tag us on Instagram with #sosepiccloth and #schoolofsweetgeorgia!



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I just started my S.A.V. curtains project ❤️

S.A.V. Stands for Sarah, Amanda and Vikki. I’ll explain more in another post.

To start, the materials! The warp is an ecru cottolin (60% cotton/ 40% linen) and the weft is a white warping linen (80% linen/ 20% cotton). Both by Brassard.

I know, it’s weird that I’m not using the warping linen for warp but I have had tension problems in the past with my table loom. I knew the materials I wanted and just rearranged them to work for the tools I have!

The Cottolin is a 8/2. I couldn’t find recommended sett for the linen but the ypp is between the 8/2 cottolin, 12/1 linen and 22/2 cottolin which all have the same sett (according to the Handwoven magazine Master Chart). So that is how I will treat it.

The linen goes thick and thin which I think gives so much personality ❤️

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ON THE VLOG // Felicia`s Epic Cloth project is off the loom!⁠

In today`s Taking Back Friday vlog (the 100th episode 🎉), Felicia talks about her recently completed Epic Cloth project as well as how her relationship with time has taught some very epic lessons this year.⁠

Click our link in bio for the vlog episode >>⁠

Blog post available at: ⁠

Have you made your own Epic Cloth project? We would love to hear what your process was like and if you found any challenges or learned from any mistakes along the way. And if you`re interested in learning more about the Epic Cloth challenge, visit the School of SweetGeorgia at: www.schoolofsweetgeorgia.com
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Welcome to 2019! This is the first vlog, video update of the year (link in bio) and it`s all about what`s been happening to me for the past few weeks during the holidays… and what crafty, fibre-y things I`m planning to do this year. I talk about Marie Kondo and her life-changing magic of tidying up and how it applies to my craft room attic, as well as what we did to my office space, and the massive new-to-me loom that has decided to live in our living room. This new year is bringing me all the weaving vibes, so I tell you… I`m going with the flow and that`s what I`ll be doing more of this year.
Tell me… what are your goals for 2019 and what do you plan to make?

PS. The scarf photo here… that`s another handwoven scarf that I made from handspun yarns during the holidays that I gifted to my mother-in-law and it gives me such immense joy that I can see these things I`ve made being delivered into the world.

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