Eco Printing with Natural Dyes

Learn about contact printing, making prints of leaves and flowers onto fabric, yarn and knitted items, with Vancouver artist Caitlin ffrench!
Caitlin ffrench · April 6, 2022
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Join us in learning eco printing, or contact printing, with Caitlin ffrench! In this course, we’ll go over the different methods of getting dye stuff, either wildcrafted, homegrown or store bought, to make prints onto fabric, yarn and knitted items.

Whether you’d like to dye onto a sock yarn blank, and then knit, weave or crochet from this, or perhaps print onto a finished object you’ve already made, you’ll learn all the steps needed to enjoy the beauty of natural dyeing in this form – making prints of shapes, leaves and flowers!

You will learn:

  • materials needed for eco printing
  • clamping
  • bundling onto itself
  • bundling on a stick
  • over-dyeing a bundle
  • boiling vs. steaming
  • how to finish + washing your textiles

Just like other ways of natural dyeing, you need to scour and mordant your fibres so they will be both clean and ready to accept the dye. This course begins with the assumption that you know how to scour and mordant your textiles or yarn. For learning these steps, check out Caitlin’s Natural Dyeing Basics course.

We’d love to see what you make – questions, progress and chat can all take place over in the SOS forums, and then tag any Instagram posts with #sosnaturaldyeing!

About Instructor

Caitlin ffrench

Caitlin ffrench is a natural dyer, paint maker, forest lover, and stick collector. Caitlin wildcrafts natural dyes and earth pigments from various land bases she visits as a way to create a visual record of place through pigment memories.

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