Dyeing Complex Colour

Discover new ways to add complexity and richness to your hand-dyed colourways using acid dyes and protein-based fibres. This course builds upon our foundation of creating intentional colour and explores hand-dyeing techniques to add that elusive depth and richness that makes colours sing.

Felicia Lo · May 30, 2018
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Discover new ways to add complexity and richness to your hand-dyed colourways using acid dyes and protein-based fibres. Building upon the skills and knowledge in our Dyeing Intentional Colour course, this course will explore:

  • Developing a deeper understanding of colours and colour theory, focusing specifically on what happens when colours are mixed and learning to create or avoid muddy hues
  • Creating glazed, layered, and tonal hand-dyed colour effects through immersion dyeing and the addition of delicate resists
  • Manipulating the variables of dyeing to produce non-repeating multi-coloured yarns with a low water immersion technique
  • Learning how to create handpainted yarns and spinning fibres for repeating colour sequences
  • Understanding and creating different self-striping colour sequences
  • Applying these dye techniques and methods to knitted sock blanks to produce even more hand-dyed effects on yarn
  • Finding ways to make the dyeing process more safe, efficient, and productive through equipment, studio setup, and preparation.

This course builds upon our foundation of creating intentional colour and explores hand-dyeing techniques to add that elusive depth and richness that makes colours sing.

Through 47 video lessons in 8 modules and over 5 hours of content, you can walk beside me as I dye yarn in sixteen different examples. My dyeing style involves working with precision and intention as I create colourways, so you can join me as I lead you through the simple math calculations that are so helpful in preparing for an efficient and effective session in the dye studio.

Let’s begin!

For any questions and to share your dyeing adventures, come visit us in the SOS community forums! Plus, tag us on Instagram with #sosdyeing and #schoolofsweetgeorgia!

Nothing like a mid-week hand-dyeing session to give a boost of colourful creativity to your week! If you haven`t yet checked out Charlotte Lee`s @charlotte_milkteacup Dyeing Large Amounts of Fibre course, come visit the School to continue on your dyeing journey.

Just getting started with yarn and fibre dyeing? We have a range of courses to suit many levels and interests. Find all of the options at the School… we`ll see you there!

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The lesson videos are now live for our latest SOS course release… join instructor Charlotte Lee @charlotte_milkteacup over at the School for the new Dyeing Large Amounts of Fibre course! Whether you`re looking to dye small or bulk quantities, this course teaches all of the steps needed to prep, manage, and apply beautiful hues of hand-dyed colour to your fibre. Throughout the lessons you will learn: soaking fibre, hand-painting, low water immersion, applying dyes, stovetop and oven dyeing, dye disposal and more, using undyed spinning fibres from the SweetGeorgia shop in the demonstrations.

We can’t wait to see all the fibre you dye up! Will you spin it? Felt it? Please share everything in the SOS Community Forums and keep the fibre conversion going!

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The materials list is now available so you can start getting your supplies ready for our next course release at the School…⁠

Join us for Dyeing Large Amounts of Fibre taught by Charlotte Lee @charlotte_milkteacup. If you are intrigued by the nuances in hand-dyed spinning fibres, whether in small quantities (100 g/3 oz) or planning to dye a bulk amount (one pound/500 grams, two pounds/one kilo or more), then this is the course for you! The video lessons will be launching on May 18th–find more information at the SOS course page »⁠

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Dyeing with fresh indigo leaves is such a fun and easy way of getting started with natural dyeing. Indigo has been used for thousands of years by cultures around the world, and we`re happy to share the beauty of creating colour with these leaves at our new Fresh Indigo Leaf Dyeing course taught by Caitlin ffrench @ffrench! Learn the magic of creating beautiful hues using both the salt rub method and ice dyeing method.⁠

Learn more at the course page – direct link in bio » ⁠

We absolutely can`t wait to see what you create as you work your way through this course. Please share with us your progress and any questions in the SOS community forums. Enjoy exploring all the fabulous indigo hues!⁠

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In the end of summer..
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Join us in getting ready for next week`s start of our first Acid Dyeing Study Group! We`re here to encourage and support you on the start (or refresh) of your dyeing journey!⁠

This four-week study will be led by Felicia Lo @felicialowong and Charlotte Lee @charlotte_milkteacup, working through Felicia`s Dyeing Intentional Colour course at the School. At the study group page (link in bio), you can find all of the notes and links to help you set up your equipment, dyes and materials. We`ll also be sharing all of the chat over in the SOS community forums group. We hope to see you there!⁠

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We`re getting ready for some fun summer dyeing over at the Acid Dyeing Basics Study Group: Fundamentals at the School! Join in creating your own unapologetic and unique hand-dyed yarns and colourways using acid dyes and protein-based fibres with confidence and intention.⁠

In this four-week study, we will work through content from Felicia Lo’s course: Dyeing Intentional Colour—one of the very first few courses Felicia designed for the School. She keeps no secrets about the magic of acid dyeing and has supported many new dyers on their colourful hand-dye journey. If you are also intrigued by the beauty of hand-dyed yarns and fibres, or simply want to learn to dye with a supportive group, we hope you`ll join us! We will start from the very basics—from setting up a dye space and mixing dye stock solutions, to finishing up our hand-dyed yarns and fibres.⁠

Learn more at the SOS study group page – link in bio »⁠

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Start the long weekend with bundles of beautiful natural colour! Teaching different methods of folding, clamping and bundling techniques, learn all about printing with plants at Eco Printing, taught by Caitlin ffrench @ffrench!⁠

At the School, you can also find Caitlin`s Natural Dyeing Basics course, as well as Planting a Natural Dye Garden, to learn more about the fabulous and fun practice of natural dyeing. And if you`re not yet an SOS member, or have a fibre friend you`d like to learn along with, use the code: SPRINGSTART to get 7 days for $1 plus save 10% off your subscription! We hope to see you there!⁠

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Download the course workbook here to access the notes, checklists, and formulas you need to get started.

Dyeing Recordkeeping Tools

Download these PDF templates to record your dye formulas and keep analog records of the colours you have created.

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Getting Started
Colour Theory for Dyers
Dye Technique 1 // Immersion Dyeing with Resists
Dye Technique 2 // Layering Dye Colours
Dye Technique 3 // Low Water Immersion
Dye Technique 4 // Handpainting
Dye Technique 5 // Self-Striping Yarns
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Felicia Lo

founder + creative director of SweetGeorgia // designer + dreamer // wife + mama // dyer, knitter, spinner, weaver // author + youtuber // been writing about colour and craft since 2004 // has far too many instagram accounts @lomeetsloom, @felicialowong, and @sweetgeorgia.

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