Double Weave on 4-Shafts

Learn how to weave with double weave on a 4-shaft loom and weave your own double-width blanket or double weave sampler.

Felicia Lo · November 7, 2022

Welcome to Double Weaving on 4-shafts with Felicia Lo

Learn how to weave with double weave on a 4-shaft loom in this video course with Felicia Lo. You will find patterns for a mini-sampler, a bread bag, plus a double-width double weave blanket. In this course, Felicia first talks about the theory behind double weave by illustrating how it works through weaving drafts then explores the specifics of how to tie-up a rising shed jack loom, a sinking shed counterbalance loom, and a countermarch loom. Then we work through the different sequences that you can weave in order to produce either two separate layers of fabric, a tube of fabric where the two layers are joined on both sides, or a double-width fabric where the two layers are joined on one side.

We know you can read all the books about double weave and look at diagrams and weaving drafts until your head spins… but at the end of the day, sitting down at your loom and just practicing raising different shafts to create different sheds will really help you understand how it all comes together.

For this course, you can use a table loom, a jack loom, a countermarch loom, or a counterbalance loom. Felicia discusses how all the techniques work on the different looms, so you’ll feel confident with your own equipment.

Throughout the videos, you’ll learn:

  • How does double weave work?
  • Double weave threading
    • Odds vs evens
    • Parallel threading
  • Double weave tie-ups for 4-shafts looms
    • Jack loom
    • Counterbalance tie-up
    • Countermarche tie-up
  • Double weave sequences
    • Weaving two separate layers (two shuttles)
    • Weaving double width (one shuttle)
    • Weaving a tube (one shuttle)
  • More double weave notation
  • Sett and yarn choices
  • Weaving double weave
    • Weaving the mini sampler
    • Weaving a double width blanket
      • Setting up the blanket warp
      • Weaving the blanket
  • Tips for weaving double weave
  • References & resources

Included in the Double Weave on 4-Shafts course is a comprehensive workbook containing double weave theory, tips, and resources. The course includes a sampler pattern and a double-width blanket pattern, kits are available through SweetGeorgia Yarns.

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One of the best things I have learned from Laura Fry’s Intentional Weaver course (and book) is using a reed to feed my yarn through before making my warp.

Game changer. Love it!

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Fresh off the loom and currently soaking before wet finishing. Happy with the pattern, warp is preserved, and moving on to shifted color combos. I’m hopping down to the city this weekend to work on a few opera workshops in the evenings, so I’m hoping to warp this up and take it with me! Love the benefits of folding table looms.

After the citric acid soak I’ll be following the Magic in the Water wet finishing methods from SOS. It’s superwash but the fiber will rebound a bit, fluff up, and then when I press the pattern will lock in! Torn on whether or not to twist the fringe since I did hemstitch as always 🧶

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Do you find yourself daydreaming of a home or wardrobe featuring your very own handwoven fabrics? How would you go about choosing fabric for your cushion or your chair or your skirt, let alone design that fabric yourself? If form follows function, then let’s start to read our fabrics and understand how different weave structures give us the characteristics we want.⁠

Read Amanda Buckley`s @mandythephilomath new article Three Fundamental Weave Structures (And Why You Need to Know Them), sharing how once you start to see the underlying structures of the fabrics around you, the weaving world is your oyster! Find the post at our SOS Articles–direct link in our IG bio »⁠

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Thank to everyone who joined us on Zoom last week for The Full Spectrum Live Lecture with Laura Fry! At this lecture, Laura spoke about how our cloth has a job, and that we must ensure we are considering as many factors as possible so the textile can perform optimally. ⁠

If you missed joining us live, the video recording is now available! Watch The Full Spectrum video replay at the Fundamentals of Weaving series page – link in our IG bio »⁠

#sosweaving #schoolofsweetgeorgia

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Taking place later this week on March 1st at 12:00 PM PST, we`re excited to welcome Laura Fry on Zoom for The Full Spectrum, the next live lecture in the Fundamentals of Weaving series. Laura developed this series over the years as a weaver and weaving instructor, and we look forward to learning together next week about the full spectrum of variables when designing hand weaving cloth.⁠

When planning and making a textile, it is important to keep the function front of mind. Whether that function is to be hung on a wall or to dry dishes, there are certain steps that can be taken to make that textile work well for its purpose. Join in as Laura shares with us these variables to be considered. More information at our link in bio »⁠

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Colour gamp scarf. This is using all that hand dyed yarn from my summer holiday project. It’s a wearable example of colour theory! #rigidheddleweaving #rigidheddle #sosweaving

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If you`ve been working through any of our rigid heddle weaving content from the School, including the Lace with Pick-Up Sticks on a Rigid Heddle course taught by Amanda Wood @amanda_f_wood, come and share your projects with us! Today`s weaving crafternoon session will be hosted by Amanda and everyone is welcome to join in to ask any questions about rigid heddle weaving. During the online meetup, we will also be sharing a special giveaway for a $25 SweetGeorgia Gift Card with all of the Zoom participants.⁠

We`ll be starting today, February 1st at 12:00 PM PST (3:00 PM EST)! Find the Zoom link over at the SOS Event Calendar–link in bio. We`ll see you online soon!⁠

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Duet Sampler:

  • 4-shaft loom with a minimum 15" / 38 cm weaving width
  • 6-dent reed or 12-dent reed

Cabin Blanket:

  • 4-shaft loom with a minimum 25" / 66 cm weaving width
  • 6-dent reed or 12-dent reed

*Please follow this link for Warping Equipment & Additional Tools needed.


  • Duet Sampler:

    • Warp & Weft: 2 cones of Gist Duet, 1 cone of each colour Rust (A) and Marble (B) (600 yards / 548 m per 4 oz / 115 g cone; 2,390 ypp; 55% European Tow Linen and 45% USA-Grown Cotton)

    Cabin Blanket:

    • Warp & Weft: 8 skeins of SweetGeorgia BFL+Silk Fine (370 yards / 338 m per 3.5oz / 100g skein; 75% Bluefaced Leicester Wool, 25% Silk):
      • 2 skeins in each colour in"Cabin" option:
        • Campfire (A), Firewood (B), Hickory Smoke (C), Cast Iron (D)
      • or 2 skeins in each colour "Elixir" option:
        • Black Raspberry (A), Honey Gold (B), Twilight (C), Stormy Night (D)

*Kits are available at SweetGeorgia Yarns 

Additional Supplies shown/demonstrated

  • Weights
  • Fishing line
  • 2 Shuttles (for bread bag)
  • Serger and/or sewing machine
  • Rotary cutter or scissors

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