Crochet Increases and Decreases

Learn Crochet Increases and Decreases: practice on triangles and mini shawls to learn to shape crochet

Charlotte Lee · November 1, 2022

Level up your crochet skills with the Crochet Increases and Decreases course at the School of SweetGeorgia. Under the guidance of instructor Charlotte Lee, students will practice on eight different triangles and five mini shawls to learn new techniques for shaping crochet.

Throughout the videos, you’ll learn:

  • How to choose yarn
  • Hook comparisons
  • Getting gauge for the course projects
  • How to increase and decrease with:
    • single crochet stitch on one side (triangle A & B)
    • double crochet stitch on one side (triangle C & D)
    • single crochet stitch on both sides (triangle E & F)
    •  double crochet stitch on both sides (triangle G & H)
  • How to crochet:
    • a top-down, centre-out mini shawl (A)
    • a slanted mini shawl (B) with evenly distributed increases and decreases
    • an asymmetrical mini shawl (C) with unevenly distributed increases and decreases
    • a mini shawl (D) by skipping stitches
    • a rectangular mini shawl (E) corner to corner
  • How to swatch for the Yona Cowl with DK yarn

If you need a refresher on the basic crochet stitches, watch Crochet Basics course.

Included in the course is a comprehensive workbook containing all the instructions for the practice and project swatches. Students will also receive the Yona Cowl pattern, available in both DK and fingering-weight versions.

Charlotte uses a variety of yarns from SweetGeorgia Yarns

Talk about the Crochet Increases & Decreases course with members of the School of SweetGeorgia. Post project pictures, share personal reflections, and join the conversations in our Community Forums!

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Have you ever been drawn to beautiful crochet blankets on the internet? Not to mention the handbags, pillows, placemats, scarves, and cardigans. Many of them are made with granny squares or granny square variations, and it`s unbelievable just how many designs can be made with such a simple pattern.⁠

Coming to the School next month, join us for more crochet fun at the Granny Squares course taught by Charlotte Lee @charlotte_milkteacup. This course covers starting in rounds, crocheting the basic square pattern, changing colours, and how to piece together to make larger projects. The lessons are based on the foundational techniques that Charlotte covers in Crochet Basics, so if you`re new to crochet, we suggest starting with this beginner content first.⁠

Now available, find the materials list (link in bio) so you can get all of your crochet supplies ready for the course launch on April 20th!⁠

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Coming up tomorrow, join us on Zoom for a fun crochet meetup hosted by Charlotte @charlotte_milkteacup! If you`ve been working through the Crochet Joins, or the recent Crochet Increases & Decreases course, come and share your progress with us or ask any questions you may have.⁠

We`ll be starting tomorrow, February 15th at 12pm PST (3pm EST). Find the Zoom link for the Crochet Joins Q&A session at our SOS Event Calendar – link in bio »⁠

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The internet has been a wonderful boon for all us makers, giving us access to patterns from people and places all over the world. For those of us who crochet, crochet terms can be problematic… but it isn’t anything we can’t handle with a little bit of sleuthing up front.⁠

Let’s dive in and see what makes English language crochet patterns a tad special.⁠

Read Amanda Buckley`s @mandythephilomath new `Spot the Difference: US vs UK Crochet Terms` article at the School, with examples and helpful information on how to determine whether your crochet pattern uses US or UK crochet terms. Find the article link over at our link in bio »

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Taking place online today…⁠

Crochet Q&A session with Charlotte Lee @charlotte_milkteacup!⁠
If you`ve been working through the recent Crochet Increases & Decreases course, or the new Crochet Joins course, come and share your progress with us or ask any questions you may have. During this meetup, we will also have a giveaway for a $25 @sweetgeorgia Gift Card!⁠

We`ll be starting today, January 25th at 12:00 PM PST (3:00 PM EST)! Find the Zoom link at the SOS Events Calendar—link in bio »

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Don`t miss these upcoming events taking place this week at the School…⁠

First, for SOS members working through Charlotte`s new crochet courses, we`ll have a Q&A Zoom session this Wednesday, January 25th at 12:00 PM PST. Share your progress and/or ask any questions from Charlotte about the Crochet Increases & Decreases course (plus the Yona Cowl pattern that`s included with the lessons) and the Crochet Joins course.⁠

Then, on Thursday, January 26th at 10:00 AM PST, join Felicia live online at our YouTube channel for the January Live Office Hours session. We`ll be chatting about the latest news from inside the School plus looking ahead at what`s coming in 2023.⁠

Find all of the Zoom links and information at our SOS Events Calendar (link in bio) and join us for some fun chat together online! We also have some special giveaways to share during these online sessions. We look forward to meeting up online soon!⁠

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NEW at the SCHOOL // The lesson videos are now live and we`re ready to continue our crochet learning journey at the new Crochet Joins course taught by Charlotte Lee @charlotte_milkteacup! If you have completed previous crochet courses in the School, you may be ready to work on bigger pieces that require joins.⁠

Under the guidance of Charlotte, you will learn four crochet joining techniques: pick up and work in the round, single crochet join, slip stitch join, and whip stitch. And you’ll get to practice each technique by making a coordinating project, including a small tray, pouch, handbag, and a larger tote. By the end of the course, you will know how and when to use these four joins for future projects like garments and joining crochet squares. ⁠

There are also two Zoom Crochet Q&A Meetups we hope you`ll join us for: the first one coming up next week on January 25th. Find all of the information at the Crochet Joins course page—link in our IG bio. Happy crocheting!⁠

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  • Size E-4 US / 3.5 mm crochet hook for swatches
    Adjust hook size if necessary to obtain the correct gauge
  • Size 4 mm, 5 mm crochet hooks for cowl
    Adjust hook size if necessary to obtain the correct gauge

*Please follow this link for Essential Knitting & Crochet Tools needed


Yona Cowl:

Course Swatches:

Below are the yarn requirements for each sample or project:

  • The triangle swatches require 60 grams / 2 ounces of DK weight yarn.
  • The mini shawl swatches require 140 grams / 9 ounces of DK weight yarn.
  • The Yona cowl DK swatch requires 30 grams / 1 ounce of DK weight yarn.
  • The Yona cowl DK weight pattern requires 177 grams / 6.3 ounces of DK weight yarn.

Please note that changes in gauge will affect yardage used and final measurements. It's better to have a little more than not enough. 

Do you have questions about Crochet Increases & Decreases Materials? Talk about it with members of the School of SweetGeorgia. Post project pictures, share personal reflections, and join the conversation in our Community Forums!


About Instructor

Charlotte Lee

Ever since Charlotte attended a four-session crochet class in grade 9, she has been fascinated by the world of fibre. She is interested in almost all kinds of fibre arts: from crocheting and knitting, to needle felting, spinning, and weaving. The biggest enjoyment of life for her is to craft with friends, where teas and sweets are provided. Initially joining the studio as a precision dyer, today Charlotte is the Assistant Production Manager at SweetGeorgia.

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