Crochet Basics

Dip your toes into the world of crocheting with our Crochet Basics: from Fundamentals to your First Shawl! Taught by Charlotte Lee, this online workshop covers all of the basics steps of how to start crocheting including swatching for a shawl and troubleshooting!
Charlotte Lee · November 12, 2021

Dip your toes into the world of crocheting with our Crochet Basics: from Fundamentals to your First Shawl!

Taught by Charlotte Lee, this online workshop covers all of the basics steps of how to start crocheting, including:

  • how to choose yarns and hooks
  • how to hold yarn & hooks
  • how to chain stitch
  • how to single crochet stitch
  • different pick up methods & how do they look
  • how to half double crochet, double crochet stitch
  • how to treble crochet stitch and beyond
  • finishing techniques: how to join crochet stitches, weave in ends & how to alternate colours without cutting the yarn
  • how to swatch for the After Midnight Shawl
  • how to troubleshoot
  • crochet pattern inspiration after you finish your first shawl

We include a comprehensive workbook with all the instructions for the course’s swatches & the shawl’s swatch. With these new skills, you’ll be able to crochet the gorgeous After Midnight Shawl to show off and enjoy your wonderful new crocheting skills!

You can find the course materials here:

If you run into any trouble, check out the troubleshooting video, plus you can always chat with us & share your progress and questions in the SOS community forums! We’re here to help and support you on your fibre arts journey!

We hope you’ll join us! Tag your posts on Instagram #soscrochet and #schoolofsweetgeorgia so we can see them!

@sweetgeorgia SeaSilk Lace in Quiet Time.">

Many crocheters consider laceweight yarn the most difficult yarn weight to work with. It’s fine, usually slippery, and is more delicate than heavier weights. However, the resulting ethereal scarves, shawls, garments, and doilies are more than worth a try. And with a few important tips and tricks, laceweight yarn can be just as easy to use as any other weight.⁠

Find designer and SOS instructor Ruth Nguyen's @redearthdesignstudio new Learn to Crochet with Laceweight Yarn article at the School, with tips to inspire you to try laceweight yarn in your own crochet projects!⁠

Link to article at our link in bio!⁠

⁠shown here: Stitch Oasis by @cjbradydesigns, crochet in @sweetgeorgia SeaSilk Lace in Quiet Time.

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When a basic refresher can yield startling results…⁠

Ruth Nguyen @redearthdesignstudio shares how when watching Charlotte Lee’s @charlotte_milkteacup Crochet Basics course, she learned a lesson which took her by complete surprise. A self-taught crocheter with fewer years of experience than Charlotte, Ruth guessed she would likely learn tips and tricks that would make her a better crocheter overall, but wasn't expecting the biggest lesson she came away from the course with.⁠

Read more at Ruth's Changing Yarn Over Directions article at the SOS site – link in bio »⁠
Be sure to also stay tuned for new #soscrochet content coming next month to the School!

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At the School of SweetGeorgia, there’s a big emphasis on trying new things and adding techniques to one’s fiber-crafting toolbox. I love exploring the fibre arts, including disciplines I don’t have the time or space for at the moment (weaving and natural dyeing, I’m looking at you!), but today’s post is about returning to the basics, even when it’s something you think you already know, like yarn overs.⁠

When Charlotte Lee’s @charlotte_milkteacup Crochet Basics course launched last year, I knew I had already learned all the skills that were outlined in the syllabus. However, I also realized I was a self-taught crocheter with fewer years of experience than Charlotte. She would likely have tips and tricks to teach that would make me a better crocheter overall. In the end, I learned lots of neat tricks, but the biggest lesson took me completely by surprise. …⁠

Continue reading knit and crochet designer Ruth Nguyen's @redearthdesignstudio new Changing Yarn Over Directions blog article at the School, sharing how a basic refresher can yield startling results! Read the article by clicking our link in bio »

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Lace is definitely the theme for my spring!

I was putting away the silk from my blue #sweetgeorgialacealong project and came across another #crochet project that I had put aside late last year due to injury. A couple of days later and I have a new lace shawl!

This is the #SGYlaceaftermidnight by charlotte_milkteacup for sweetgeorgia and was included in her schoolofsweetgeorgia #soscrochet crochet basics course. Charlotte inspired me to pick up my crochet hooks for the first time in a while and for that I am grateful.

The yarn I used here is a 20/2 Nm worsted wool that is typically used for weaving. I am finding that the yarns I want to weave with are quite versatile and I seem to sew, crochet and knit with them too. This makes me very happy!

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The SweetGeorgia Spring Lace-Along starts today and since I'm already knitting up a storm for the #sosknittingstudygroup I've picked up my crochet hook instead!

The pattern is "Heartfelt" by Charlotte Lee charlotte_milkteacup for SweetGeorgia Yarns. The design is for a rectangular stole/shawl/wrap in fingering-weight yarn. Here, I'm doing it in 30/2 bombyx silk on a 1.5mm hook… mine will be scarf size!
How could I resist making such a sweet design from such a sweetheart like Charlotte 😀

#sweetgeorgialacealong #soscrochet #crochet #silk #sweetgeorgia

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Relaxed, easygoing mornings perfect for some chain stitch practice! Over at Crochet Basics, instructor Charlotte Lee @charlotte_milkteacup talks about the importance for beginner crocheters to practice their chain stitch to help get familiarized with holding the yarn and hook, working yarn overs, and getting into the rhythm of crochet. Pull out some stash yarn and join us!⁠

Find the Crochet Basics course over at the School!⁠

#soscrochet #schoolofsweetgeorgia

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Designs that make you go 😍!!⁠

Available all weekend long until the the end of tomorrow, November 29th, don't miss our Holiday pattern sale! Featuring select designs from over the past year, these crochet, knitting and weaving patterns are sure to bring joy to your holiday making plans!⁠

Use the code COZY2021 to save 40% off our Black Friday pattern collection – link in bio »⁠

Psst! The After Midnight crochet design shown here is also available for free to all School of SweetGeorgia members as part of the new Crochet Basics course taught by Charlotte Lee charlotte_milkteacup! ⁠

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ON THE VLOG // This week, I’m still in the midst of cleaning up all my old projects I’ve been working on – kind of clearing the deck so I can get started fresh for the new year.⁠

I have recently finished making a crochet granny square (… a giant granny square), and so on today’s Taking Back Friday episode, I want to show you the basic step-by-step of how to crochet a granny square! If you’re interested in learning more about crochet, I really encourage you to also check out the Crochet Basics course over at the schoolofsweetgeorgia. Charlotte Lee charlotte_milkteacup has put together a comprehensive class including everything you know to get started. There you can learn about all the intricacies of how to tension your yarn, how to make a chain stitch, multiple crochet stitches, differences between crochet hooks and more!⁠

Watch today's video at our link in bio »⁠

I would also love to see your own crochet projects! Tag us on your posts with sweetgeorgia – then we can see what you’re working on, what kind of things you’re crocheting or what you might make with your granny square!

#soscrochet #takingbackfridayvlog

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  • After Midnight Shawl Pattern- DK Weight (PDF) »
    Decadent and soft, like the quiet that comes after midnight. After Midnight super-easy lace patterning paired with a luxurious DK-weight yarn promises the ultimate in a beautiful first gift for your loved ones (or you!).
  • Lace After Midnight Shawl Pattern- Lace Weight (PDF) »
    Decadent eyelets in a lace-weight yarn bring airy elegance to every wardrobe. This pattern, inspired by the original DK-weight After Midnight shawl, features a one-row lace stitch in the body and a captivating openwork edging. Naturally, this accessory is the perfect gift to give yourself.
  • Crochet Basics Workbook (PDF) » Download the workbook for materials list, swatches instructions & tips.
  • Crochet Basics Full Transcripts (ZIP)

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Ever since Charlotte attended a four-session crochet class in grade 9, she has been fascinated by the world of fibre. She is interested in almost all kinds of fibre arts: from crocheting and knitting, to needle felting, spinning, and weaving. The biggest enjoyment of life for her is to craft with friends, where teas and sweets are provided. Initially joining the studio as a precision dyer, today Charlotte is the Assistant Production Manager at SweetGeorgia.

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