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Colour & Weave on Rigid Heddle Loom

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Using a gamp as a design tool is something that I think every weaver should do. The experience of making a gamp teaches you a lot about pattern and structure.  

Another thing a gamp can show you is things that are maybe not as successful. Using a viewfinder, you can narrow in on one pattern or two patterns or four patterns, and think about how you might mix those patterns in your next project. 

Do a yarn twist where you take your two yarns together and twist them and then blur your eyes a little and see if they are looking like one colour or maintaining their different colours. 

So thinking sett, when you have a big range, you can assume that the smaller number is going to give you a drapey cloth, so good for a scarf or something like that, or a garment fabric. And then the larger end of your spectrum, is going to give you something that is more densely woven. So if you are planning to do any pick-up stick patterning or any floats, then you can sett your yarns a little closer together. Or if you’re going to weave something like a rug or a place mat or something that you want to be quite dense, then that would be a good sett for you. 

  • How to Use a Gamp 00:00-01:54
  • Contrast in Colour and Weave 01:54-04:50
  • Finding Enough Contrast in Yarns 04:50-06:00
  • Weaving Recipe 05:55-07:03
  • Choosing Sett 07:03-end

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