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Blending Boards: From Rolags to Roving

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  1. 5.2 Conclusion
  2. Module 5: Thinking Outside the Board
    5.1 Texture and Locks
  3. 4.2 Rolags into Roving
  4. Module 4: Taking Off from your Blending Board
    4.1 Dizzing
  5. 3.3 Gradient Batts
  6. 3.2 Textured Rolags
  7. Module 3: Making the Most of your Blending Board
    3.1 Making a Smooth Rolag
  8. 2.2 Brushes and Dowels
  9. Module 2: Tools and Basics
    2.1 Three Secrets of Blending Boards
  10. 1.2 About Blending Boards
  11. 1.1 Introduction
  12. Module 1: What Can You Do and How to Choose a Blending Board

Welcome to Blending Boards: From Rolags to Roving class.

Debbie shows you how to prep a Gradient Batt, remember to overlap in between the layers to achieve a Gradient.

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