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Blending Boards: From Rolags to Roving

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  1. 5.2 Conclusion
  2. Module 5: Thinking Outside the Board
    5.1 Texture and Locks
  3. 4.2 Rolags into Roving
  4. Module 4: Taking Off from your Blending Board
    4.1 Dizzing
  5. 3.3 Gradient Batts
  6. 3.2 Textured Rolags
  7. Module 3: Making the Most of your Blending Board
    3.1 Making a Smooth Rolag
  8. 2.2 Brushes and Dowels
  9. Module 2: Tools and Basics
    2.1 Three Secrets of Blending Boards
  10. 1.2 About Blending Boards
  11. 1.1 Introduction
  12. Module 1: What Can You Do and How to Choose a Blending Board

Welcome to Blending Boards: From Rolags to Roving class.

Debbie shows you how to prep beautiful textured rolags.  All the texture is ready to be lock it in the yarn you will spin. Perfect for a Heavier dK or Worsted yarn or stunning Singles.

Do you want to make similar rolags?

Debbie used Phoenix Rising in SW BFL fibre>>

Download the video Transcript here>>

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