Blending Boards: From Rolags to Roving

The blending board can be your go-to fiber prep tool above all others and a few inexpensive additions can take this simple tool to the next level.  Learn how-to with Debbie Held

As more and more spinners delve into fiber preparation for intentional spinning, the blending board is more popular than ever before. It’s space efficient, lightweight, and far less costly than investing in expensive blending tools and machinery.

Best of all, with a little know-how and a few inexpensive gadgets from around the house, the blending board can help serve up far more than smooth and shiny rolags.

In this workshop you’ll learn:

  • How to choose or make a Blending Board
  • What tools to use
  • How to load the fibres in the Blending Board
  • How to make rolags and batts
  • How to roll or dizz them off the board.
  • How to go off board to make a carded cloud prep
  • How to create texture batty bumps
  • How to flick open and store locks

Come join us in tapping into the full potential of blending boards!

Course Content

Module 1: What Can You Do and How to Choose a Blending Board
Module 2: Tools and Basics
Module 3: Making the Most of your Blending Board
Module 4: Taking Off from your Blending Board
Module 5: Thinking Outside the Board

About Instructor

Debbie Held

Debbie Held is a freelance writer and international fiber arts educator who almost always has a spindle in hand. She’s a recurring contributor to Spin Off magazine, PLY, Schacht Spindle Company, and more, and she’s the writer behind the Interweave column, Her Handspun Habit. A truly contented spinster, Debbie lives on an urban farm in Atlanta, Georgia, with an enormous Persian cat named Stanley. Both enjoy watching the spinner’s flock of Shetland sheep living in the yard below their windows. Write to them (all) at www.debbieheld.com.

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  • 12 Lessons
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