Beyond Wrap & Turn (W&T): Short Row Variations

Go beyond the wrap and turn and explore the incredible world of short rows! Join Ruth Nguyen through four alternatives to the wrap and turn: yarn over short rows, twin stitch short rows, Japanese short rows and German short rows. Learn tips and tricks to substituting short row styles in your projects.

Ruth Nguyen · March 23, 2022
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Learn from Ruth Nguyen, knitwear designer and short row geek.

Have you ever wanted to go beyond the wrap and turn? Explore the incredible world of knitting short rows. Learn how to knit short rows, five variations including w&t. Learn when to choose

Most of us have our first short row experience with the wrap and turn (W&T), but this may not necessarily be the best choice for every project. W&T short rows can distort stockinette stitch or interrupt stripes (among other things), and some knitters just don’t enjoy working it.

In Beyond Wrap & Turn (W&T): Short Row Variations course, we’ll be going over four alternatives to wrap and turn short rows:

  • Yarn over short rows
  • Twin stitch short rows
  • Japanese short rows 
  • German short rows

Yarn over short rows

If you’re making something that needs to be very flexible or will be blocked very aggressively, the looseness of yarn over short rows will give your fabric the extra bit of stretch it needs. So if you’re working short rows in a super lacy shawl for example, yarn over short rows may be the perfect choice. 

Twin stitch short rows

They melt nicely to stockinette stitch. I personally like to use them where I’m working short rows and stockinette stitch. So when I’m raising the back neck on a sweater or shaping a curved hem, or doing a shawl with lots of stockinette.

Japanese short rows

They are ideal for shaping stockinette stitch because they create very little distortion in the fabric and make your short rows as invisible as possible. It’s also easier to keep track of your row ends in Japanese short rows than in other short row methods because we use stitch markers to keep track of the row ends.

German short rows

German short rows are perfect for stockinette because they’re super easy to work, they don’t distort your fabric, and don’t leave the holes the way that wrap and turn short rows can sometimes.

Also included are tips and tricks on substituting short row styles in your projects, and when the W&T can be an ideal choice. This course does assume that you’ve already learned to knit wrap and turn short rows; if you need a w&t refresher, review the SOS video: W&T Short Rows tutorial.

Share your new short row knits with us! And questions and chat is taking place over at the SOS forums, plus tag your Instagram posts with #sosknitting and #schoolofsweetgeorgia!

Join us at the online SOS meetups taking place this week…⁠

• TODAY, May 1st, 10:00 AM PDT: Knit Meetup with Robyn // Bring along any fibre craft project and come enjoy the fun chat on Zoom.⁠
• Wednesday, May 3rd, 12:00 PM PDT: Looking at Twills with Laura Fry // We`ll be meeting on Zoom for the live lecture where Laura will talk about how twill works and how to create designs that work best with your cloth.⁠

All of the information and links to join in can be found at our SOS Event Calendar. We hope to see you online soon!

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Have you ever had trouble with a messy long-tail cast-on? One end seems to be getting all kinked up while the other end is separating before your very eyes! What is going on here? Well, every time we make a wrapping motion, we change our yarn. Some projects are fine, but others… well, they just seem to be so difficult! Let’s have a look under the hood to see how and why the twist direction of our yarns can make or break a project.⁠

New at the School is Amanda Buckley`s @mandythephilomath article Twist And Shout: Why Twist Direction Matters In Your Making, arming you with the knowledge of how our techniques can change yarn as we work with it, and how we can choose to compensate for it or even amplify it for effect.⁠

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Lisa Congdon calls it loud quitting: an assertive and unapologetic no to everything in her life she finds draining, feels done with, one-sided, obligatory, without purpose or joy. Sounds cathartic. If project management is a matter of managing our motivation, then loud quitting is the decision to face our setbacks and hang-ups, evaluate the project, and get rid of it completely. It is time to get frogging.⁠

At Amanda Buckley`s @mandythephilomath new article `Frogging & The Art of Project Management`, continue reading about frogging and the anatomy of a quit. We can undo a little bit to fix an error, or we can undo the whole lot and reclaim the yarn. Both options are valuable tools in the art of project management. Find the article link in our link in bio!⁠

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Have you ever wished you knew exactly what yarn to get in a rush order or trip to an LYS, that you could predict the finished drape and feel of your project, or (gasp) could skip gauge swatching? I have some tips and tricks on creating a gauge library to help you with all three of the objectives above. (Okay, you might not be able to skip gauge swatching; Tabetha Hedrick, SweetGeorgia’s guru of gauge, is watching me! But having a gauge library will make that step go by just a little quicker!)⁠

Continue reading Ruth Nguyen`s @redearthdesignstudio new How to Create a Gauge Library article, where we hope you are inspired to start your own. Knowledge is power, and knowledge that is catalogued and easy to access is that much more powerful—especially when it comes to our knitting and crochet projects!⁠

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